Hava Nagila!

Everything does pass, and we can endure and we can survive!! – Rahul Dravid

Death – Part 3

Death experience

In the normal course of life no one comes back to tell us about their ‘lively’ journey to Lord Yama’s abode. Could there be some cases? I have heard of two instances. One, of course, is well known all over the world. It is Ramana Maharshi’s death experience which he himself has narrated. The other is of my rakhi-sister Indiraben at Ahmedabad. It was a great experience listening to her narration of her death, being taken away by Lord Yama and the other world she saw and came back! Ramana Maharshi is considered Lord Subrahmanya and it is God’s own words. Personally I do not have any reason to disbelieve Indiraben as I know her to be pure and truthful at all times.

Dying with the Body [being dead and yet not dead]

It is not the death of body. It is dead while still being in the body! Thirumoolar says this:

வித்தைக் கெடுத்து வியாக்கிரத்தே மிகச் சுத்தத் துரியம் பிறந்து துடக்கற

ஒத்துப் புலனுயர் ஒன்றாய்  உடம்பொடு செத்திட்டிருப்பர் சிவயோகியார்களே

They are dead even while in the body when the state of soul in which it is in the navel with the life-energy and is cognizant of itself alone.

We all know of the contemptuous remark செத்த சவம் ‘chethha savam’ [dead corpse]. This kind of remark is made when one is terminally ill or when someone is wantonly ‘acting’ so. It is corpse only when one is dead! Then why do we call it a ‘dead corpse’? It is exactly because of this reason that one can become a ‘dead corpse’ even when one’s life principle is intact in the body. This is possible for all of us through a ‘pranayama’ technique.

Liabilities, Assets on death

May be a true account of liabilities and assets of the identity ‘I’ will be drawn by all concerned and connected on the death. May they all forget the bad of the I! Let the ‘I’ not become a liability on its death!

Liabilities: As for liabilities, undeniably all of us are huge liabilities to the Creation [Nature]. As human beings we are doing everything to destroy the very life source of Creation through pollution of all kinds and corrupt minds.

Assets: Your asset is what good deeds, charity you did during your life time. Thiruvalluvar says:

அற்றார் அழிபசி தீர்த்தல் அஃதொருவன்

பெற்றான் பொருள் வைப்புழி [226]

Drive from the poor their gnawing pains

If room you seek to store your gains.

சாதலின் இன்னாத தில்லை இனிததூஉம்

ஈதல் இயையாக்கடை [230]

Nothing is more painful than death

Yet more is pain of giftless death

நத்தம்போல் கேடும் உளதாகும் சாக்காடும்

வித்தகர்க் கல்லால் அரிது [235]

Fame in fall and life in death

Are rare but for the Soulful worth

வசை ஒழிய வாழ்வாரே வாழ்வார் இசையொழிய

வாழ்வாரே வாழாதவர் [240]

They live who live without blemish

The blameful ones do not flourish

தக்கார் தகவிலர் என்பது அவரவர்

எச்சத்தாற் காணப்படும் [114]

The worthy and the unworthy

Are seen in their posterity

Death of ‘I’

The death of ‘I’ is the real death. The ego has to die; that brings an end to the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

Birth and Death of God

Birth of God-Avathar

Bhagavt Gita: [Chapter IV] 6-Though I am unborn, and my Self is imperishable, though I am the lord of all creatures, yet establishing myself in my own nature, I come into empiric being through my power [maya]. 7-Whenever there is a decline of righteousness and the rise of unrighteousness, O Bharata [Arjuna], then I send forth [create, incarnate] My Self. 8-For the protection of good, for the destruction of the wicked and for the establishment of righteousness, I come into being from age to age.

Do Gods die?

True, even Gods Die! All ‘beings’ including human beings, even when GODs descend to our world in human form, called ‘avathar’ [descending on earth with a divine mission], do not escape death. The only difference being, perhaps, such birth is “chosen” and is not always through the physical systems. Once the avathar takes birth in any form, disappearance of that form is certain. There are exceptions like Parasurama and Anjaneya who turned ‘chiranjeevis’ [deathless state, ever living].

Is God dead?

The way the world has progressed discarding ethics, morals, truth, values and all God is dead long before, Long live the God!

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