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Heritage Governance – By Dr.S.Rammohan, IRAS Retired.

Dr. S Rammohan is a multi-faceted scholar with post-graduate degrees in six subjects, in addition to a Master’s degree in Management and a Ph.D in Strategic studies. He is also a scholar in Spanish language. After a very distinguished Academic record, he was recruited to the Class I service of India through IAS examination in 1973. He was awarded the top ranker’s medal, both at L.B.S. National Academy of administration and Railway Staff College Baroda. He recently completed his Government Service as Additional Member, Railway Board.

Dr. S Rammohan is the Editor of ‘Ramanodhayam’, a Tamil journal and Co-editor of ‘Mountain Path’ an English journal both dedicated to Spiritual and Cultural studies. He is the author of several books and has extensively toured and lectured in many Countries of the world, including USA, Washington, Sweden, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bali, Srilanka etc. He was chosen by Indian Council of Philosophical Research for the ‘Intellectual traditions of the world’ conducted by the WAVES organization in Washington DC in 2004. He was also the chairperson and invited speaker in several seminars like WAVES conferences, the World Buddhist conference at Colombo and the World Conference on Religious Diversity, International conference on Epics at Kualalumpur etc. His repertoire includes multiple areas like Management in Indian Heritage texts, Indian Epics, Philosophy, Buddhism, Yoga and Self development through oriental approach etc. He was in the team of Editors who had brought out the compendium ‘Facets of Consciousness’ on two occasions. He is also the contributor to the major work on ‘Project on Indian Philosophy, culture and Science’ wherein he has contributed major research articles on Saiva Siddhanta and Synthesis of Yoga in two different volumes. He was the coordinator of the ‘Awakening India to Indians’ Quiz program in which nearly 3,50,000 students participated, which is a Guinness Record.

He has also been honoured by several Institutions. He was awarded the ‘Prachya Vidya Parangata’ title by the WAVES Association in Houston in 2006 and the prestigious award of Fellowship award of Computer Society of India for his contribution. Besides writing books he has delivered several talks in electronic and print media specially on the Value Systems and Development of youth and children.

He is my husband’s chithappa (father’s younger brother) and one whom I look up to. Despite being elite, he is very simple, down to earth and friendly. I have enjoyed the many conversations that I have had with him. He has been appreciative of all my attempts, however stupid and small they may be and has provided suggestions for improvement. He has been there whenever I needed him. I cherish this new father which matrimony has given to me. God’s ways are always great! Thanks chithappa, for this superb article!

This write up is a lecture that he gave in Houston University, USA as part of WAVES Proceedings in 2006 (July 8 – 10).


Abstract | Introduction | Important Heritage Texts | Organizational concepts in Indian Heritage | Conceptual Model of Management | Governance and Administration | Governance and Administration in Tamil Sangam Heritage | Duties of a ruler as in Tamil Heritage Text | Fiscal Administration in Tamil Heritage Texts | SWOT Analysis | Knowledge Management | The learning of attitudes | Leader’s role in learning culture | Learning Models | The need for holistic knowledge | Conclusion | References


2 comments on “Heritage Governance – By Dr.S.Rammohan, IRAS Retired.

  1. Jayashree
    February 20, 2014

    Very nice and informative! Perhaps he gave lectures on other aspects of our heritage as well, such as management of family and social life? 🙂 I would love to read a lecture on that as well.

    • Meenakshi
      February 25, 2014

      He has given plenty of lectures and has written plenty of books. I will talk to him and get the names.

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