Hava Nagila!

Everything does pass, and we can endure and we can survive!! – Rahul Dravid

At the time of death – Part 1

End time

One thing we must note. The end time for all is the most testing time of their life. There may be an exception here or there. Otherwise it is universal. It is painful for the dying and it is even more painful for dear ones to keep seeing those dying in pains. Living in peace is as important as dying in peace!

Vallalar says:

இன்றுவருமோ நாளைக்கே வருமோ அல்லது மற்றென்றுவருமோ அறியேன் எங்கோவே – துன்றுமல

வெம்மாயை அற்று வெளிகுள் வெளிகடந்து சும்மாவிருக்குஞ் சுகம்

How does one know when is the end coming? Being not aware whether it is today, tomorrow or on what day I appeal to you to grant me my prayer. Cutting off the bad and destructive personality traits and harsh delusion, false appearance, illusion, unreality and thus transcending the highest of element ether, ‘akasa’ and then reach that state of bliss [silence, stillness, realizing the Oneness, the One, Brahman].

End time [search within]

In the moment before death we try to open up the black box within us. Only we want to go through it alone all by ourselves. But unfortunately your body condition does not allow that. But the guilt there haunts you. No escape from that. Too many things come out like a swarm of moths from an ant hill hole. At times they all get mixed up too. We start blabbering, expressing foolishly, letting out and revealing indiscreetly. Even when in unconscious state these things go through our mind like a picture on screen. It is all mixed up feelings on our worries, unfulfilled desires, jobs left undone and of past thoughts and deeds. The result is it is a tragicomedy picture on your screen.

Adi Sankara and Ramana Maharshi

I must mention here two instances. Adi Sankaracharya promises his mother, Aryambal, at the time of her consenting for his ‘sannyasa’ [sainthood] that he would come back to her during her last moments. And he did come back as promised. Placing his mother on his lap asks her ‘to which world does she want to go’ and shows her the various worlds! Kailasa, Vaikunta, Brahma Loka, so on and so forth. His mother prefers Vaikunta as she finds total peace there with devotional activity. In Brahma Loka it is absolute meditative silence and it is terrifying with lot of noise [dance and song] at Kailasa! Similarly Ramana Maharshi puts his mother Alagambal on his lap in her last moments and provides ‘freedom’, moksha to the Soul.

Last Moments & Premonition of Death

Last moment

It is really terrible and miserable to look at those who suffer in their last days, moment.  At times, in respect of many persons we wonder do they really deserve this kind of suffering, having known fully how good they have been. Living is a struggle [thanks to modern economics] and shedding the body seems to be a greater struggle physically and monetarily. What a nightmare to look at those medical bills?  Saint Arunagiri Nathar: This is what he says in one of his Thiruppugazh.

தொந்தி சரிய மயிரே வெளிற நிரை

       தந்தம் அசைய முதுகே வளைய இதழ்

       தொங்க ஒருகை தடிமேல் வர மகளிர்             நகையாடி

       தொண்டு கிழவன் இவனா என இருமல்

       கிள்கிணென முன் உரையே குழற விழி

       துஞ்சு குருடு படவே செவிடுபடு                  செவியாகி

வந்த பிணியும் அதிலே இடையும் ஒரு

       பண்டிதனுமெ யுறுவேதனையும் இள

       மைந்தருடமை கடனே தெனமுடுக               துயர்மேல்

       மங்கை அழுது விழவே யமபடர்கள்

       நின்று சருவ மலமே ஒழுக உயிர்

       மங்கும் பொழுது கடுதே மயிலின் மிசை          வரவேணும்

Trunk of the body gives up, hairs grey and ugly, teeth fallen, back bent,

Lips fall, one hand on helping stick, people making fun at you as old and aged, Coughing with bell like sound, speech fumbling, eyes gone blind,

Ears turned deaf, all sorts of diseases catching up,

What if you are scholarly or wealthy

The siblings become miserly, grouse to spend, now all miseries upon you

Lord Yama’s servants pulling your life out, wife crying over body

All nine holes throwing out impure, you are giving up, life is gone

Before that call Lord Subrahmanya, surrender to HIM, plead with

HIM to come at the right moment to save your honor and you

Old age is a curse, particularly in these days, when the siblings are constrained, because of their occupation, to be away from the mother land itself. Who else could come to the rescue except God as Saint Arunagiri Nathar says. What a boon it is to die without any pain and without any inclination of death, to just pass away. Just as old age is a curse and living tragedy, I wonder, whether these days the youth have lost the real joy of living!

Abhirami Bhattar prays thus:

வவ்விய பாகத் திறைவரும் நீயும் மகிழ்ந்திருக்கும்

செவ்வியும் உங்கள் திருமணக் கோலமும் சிந்தையுள்ளே

அவ்வியும் தீரத் தென்ணை ஆண்ட பொற்பாதமும் ஆகிவந்து

வெவ்விய காலன் என்மேல் வரும்போது வெளிநிற்கவே [18 அபிராமி அந்தாதி]

Oh my Lord Ardhanareswara, in this form in happy mood, you both

Who have cut off all my desires of my body and mind, with your golden feet Residing always in me, when that cruel Lord Yama comes to take my life out,

Do come out, show your form and stand by me and save me.

இழைக்கும் வினைவழியே அடும் காலன் எனை நடுங்க

அழைக்கும் பொழுதுவந் தஞ்சஎன்பாய், அத்தர் சித்தமமெல்லாம்

குழைக்கும் களபக்குவிமுலை யாமளைக் கோமளமே

உழைக்கும் பொழுதுன்னையே அன்னையே என்பேன் ஓடிவந்தே [33 அபிராமி அந்தாதி]

Oh Goddess Parvathi [shining in green colour like the emrald] the Abhirami

Me, your devotee, due to the effects of my actions [karma] over many lives

As Lord  Yama comes I shiver in fear and worries, at that moment

Hear my call to save me, please, must you come and save

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