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Knowledge Management

This paper now proposes to deal with the important aspect of Knowledge Management in Indian Heritage Texts.

While all these are shining examples of Indian approach to Management in different areas, the most important area is that of Knowledge Management. There is continuous need to expand the knowledge levels “to generate new perspectives, engage in sustained introspection, search for creative insights and alternatives and utilize knowledge and learning towards encouraging and creating a desired future”. The concept of Learning Organisation and “Leaps of Abstraction” developed by Peter Senge have been already referred to in the conclusive statements of Chandogya, Kena and Mundaka Upanishads. Other important references are found in Sudraka’s “Mricchakatikam”, Artha Sastram and works of Bhartruhari and Neelakanta Diskshitar and many others. This paper discusses a few of them to bring in the light Indian Heritage in Knowledge Management.

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Abstract | Introduction | Important Heritage Texts | Organizational concepts in Indian Heritage | Conceptual Model of Management | Governance and Administration | Governance and Administration in Tamil Sangam Heritage | Duties of a ruler as in Tamil Heritage Text | Fiscal Administration in Tamil Heritage Texts | SWOT Analysis | Knowledge Management | The learning of attitudes | Leader’s role in learning culture | Learning Models | The need for holistic knowledge | Conclusion | References

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