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Sivaji Music – A Review

Music review of Sivaji – my opinions on the songs… 
Sivaji… the word has only one meaning now… thalaivar’s movie. It had me expecting since its announcement over a year ago. The music was by ARR, it was a Rajini movie, it was a Shankar movie and i am a Rajini fan, ARR is one of my favorite Music Dirs and I really appreciate Shankar’s work. The music was out and I immediately bought the CD. I feel the songs were lovely.
Let me review the music as I have listened to them all… and love ’em all… 🙂
The best song of the album is Balleilakka… typical opening song but different from that of Muthu, Chandramukhi and Baba… the music is different and SPB’s voice is simply superb. There are no substitutes for somethings in this world and SPB’s voice is one such… the song is perhaps the fastest song that SPB has sung for Rajini… I dont know but I feel so… the lyrics are wonderful… and there are no words to describe SPB’s rendering of a typical Rajini opener… u gotta listen to it to believe it.. 
Raagam Sahana is as such very beautiful… what makes it even better, what makes u lose urself in it is Vairamuthu, ARR and Vijay Jesudas… "Sahana" by Vijay Jesudas…. That guy’s voice is like Silk but I feel he could practice high pitch a lil better…. the fact i like abt VJ is that he sings unlike his father…. and that makes him.. well… different. The remix with Tiruppavai is beautiful and GomathiSree is a voice to note… The song is a beautiful melody with ARR’s mixing genius… and VJ’s youthful voice… I especially love the flute part of the Sahana song.. wonder who plays flute for ARR… its bliss to hear the flute…
Then, I liked the other Sahana sung by Udit Narayanan and Chinmayee… abt Chinmayee she was my junior in school and i have heard her song n number of times before she sang for ARR… i always thot her voice was beautiful … but singing for ARR brings out her real talent and guts to sing differently in every song that she has sung so far… its different from her best so far which I consider to be Kannathil Muthamittal and Noothana (from that Vijay’s brother’s film)… Udit is better in this song than he was in his earlier tamil songs… i feel he has tried to pronounce better…that song is a great melody and i liked it in the first shot itself….. i am waiting to watch the picturization of the lines…. "bhoomikum vaanukkum irukindra dhoorathai pookalil nirappatuma, pookkalin saalaiyil poo unnai endhiye vaanukkum nadakkatuma" …. listening to the flute in this song makes me forget my project tensions… it is an ARR genius product…. Vairamuthu’s lyrics are splendid….
I really liked the Style song as much as I liked Sahana… its new, its different and its a great mix of music… I dont understand the meaning of the Spanish lines … but this song is again ARR genius… and the words are real cool… Pa.Vijay has done a great job… and it is sung really well… the beats make u tap and the lyrics make u realize the man who has lived on Style, whose mantra is Style… its an English version basically of "Nee nadanthaal nadai azhagu" from Baasha… :-)… its a definite hit… if u have a mind that can appreciate good music, this song will definitely be there as one of the good ones…
Then i liked Ambal Ambal.. Vairamuthu knows how to write a song.. its a friendly duet… the first stanza is especially great … i really liked the lines, "Un poo vizhi paarvai podhumadee, poongailaikalum pookumadi", "un kaal kolusu oligal podhumadi, pala kavingargal karpanai thavidu podi" …. its difficult to come up with new lines to describe a girl coz so many have been written before….  but vairamuthu does it yet again…. then i liked "Pengaladiam Solvadhu kuraivu, Seivadhu adhigam, Seyal puyal naanadee"…. very manly, very rajini like and very romantic line…
The next song i liked was Athiradee… I liked two things abt this song… 1. ARR has sung it. Its his song. 2. The words "Billa Ranga Basha dhaan, Ivan pistol pesum Besha dhaan" I really wonder if anyone will ever bother abt the remaining lines of the song…  the remaining lines dont hold anything much really…. no need of Vaali for this… the opening music is awesome…
Then the theme music … which is now my ringtone.. is again really good… fast, pacy, enthralling… to me this is what theme music of a rajini movie needs to be…
The Vaada Vaada song has funny lyrics… may be its meaning will be known when watching the movie…
Overall…. the Sivaji album is a treat for Rajini fans, ARR fans and for Shankar fans and for anyone who can appreciate music… its a great package.. one more thing worthy of mentioning here is the greatness that ARR has showcased time and again…. he is great and he proves it everytime by delivering music better than the last time… it is this that shows the greatness of a person… they deliver when they are under pressure…..
This time, he was under greater pressure probably than ever before.. he had to satisfy Rajini fans too…. the expectations on Sivaji was enormous… not only ppl in India but from everywhere in the world expect ARR music to be greater than last time… Perhaps the Men In Blue can learn from this great man…

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