Hava Nagila!

Everything does pass, and we can endure and we can survive!! – Rahul Dravid

Chitragupta, The Accountant!

Who is Chithragupta?

Is Chithragupta one or are they two?! In Thiruvannamalai temple there are two, one Chithra and the other Gupta! To me it appears that we are our own Chithragupta! Chithra means to draw, drawing. Gupt means secrecy. Every one of us has our own secret chambers where we keep our secrets. Whatever is drawn, meaning here whatever action [karma] is done by us, it gets recorded and registered, automatically, there in our secret chamber! Something like a black box in an aircraft!

Lesson through Chithragupta

We are and we alone are responsible for our lives. We create our own space here in this world and in the other world too by our own actions. Similarly we write our fate and it is also we who can provide that space of free will. Let us learn not to blame God or others for our fate! TATVAMASI: You become that which you think. It is true when you live and when you die. What a mother and father think make the child! Think of God when you die you will attain Godhood. It is science and also purana.

What is the account about?

Death is truly interesting. Why does it happen that the Soul has to shed the present body and get into a new body? Why do new people have to come instead of the present ones? Does anybody there keep an account of all numbers including human beings; everyone’s merits [punya] and sins [papam]? We have heard of Chithragupta keeping an account of the lives of human beings? Does he also keep an account of all of the creations of nature?! Is it all an account of ‘mass by weight’ or massive numbers?! Does the nature balance such a ‘mass weight’ and ‘massive numbers’ within the various forms of life? On our arrival there will Chithragupta or his staff be reading our marks, rank and report card?

Click here for next section – At the time of death [end time] Part 1!

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Chitragupta, The Accountant

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