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Duties of a ruler as in Tamil Heritage Text

The desiderata for a proper ruler is aptly delineated in Tirukkural 381 “Who has these six is a lion among kings –
an army, subjects, food, ministers allies and forts.

Again, the one who properly qualifies to be termed as a ruler is also picturised in Verse 385
“He is a King who can do these –
produce, acquire, conserve and dispense”

Purananooru Verse 72 describes Pandyan Nedunchezhian taking the oath. The Verse gives the four primary duties of the King as “(1) taking care of the Welfare of Citizens, (2) maintenance of scholars, (3) protecting the tribe and (iv) welfare of the poor”.

In Purananooru Verse 5 Nettimaiyar eulogises the Pandya King Peruvazhudhi for giving a warning before the start of the war to the enemy citizens “Gentle Brahmins, ladies, sick people, those who have not got any progeny – please move away along with the cows from the theatre of war to a fortified area! Our arrows are getting released fast!” Millenia before the Geneva Conventions on Laws and Usages of War and interests’ in the 20th Century, ancient Tamil heritage have anticipated the important facets of the Convention! In Purananooru Verse 5 Nari Veroothalaiyar advises Kopperun Cheral that compassion and love should be the bedrock of administration.

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