Hava Nagila!

Everything does pass, and we can endure and we can survive!! – Rahul Dravid

Haiku Book

This section contains pages of Haiku poetry that I have written along with a few of my friends, especially, Shweta and Viji. These are in transliterated Tamil/ Hindi. These poems were written long ago on paper/ orkut. Some of them were written when we were in school and college, some during the many days we were at Bessi. Just published them to the blog today (28 Apr, 2011).

You can contribute to it too, if you feel like it. Just leave a comment and I will put it up as a page.



3 comments on “Haiku Book

  1. Dr.Sivasubramanian
    October 18, 2013

    what is to be done to read them? i am not able to find them

    • Meenakshi
      October 18, 2013

      Point to Haiku Book…. you will see lot of menu options on the right side…. click on any of those…. those are just stupid stuff that my friends and I wrote from time to time…. 🙂 🙂

      • Meenakshi
        October 18, 2013

        Point to Agaval on the left….

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