Hava Nagila!

Everything does pass, and we can endure and we can survive!! – Rahul Dravid



Creation does appear to be of its own. It is self-created. It is massive, indescribable, incredible and beyond comprehension. It does not appear to be in anyone’s control save  its own. It designs and implements its own laws, rules and regulations! There is no one, I would boldly say, not even God, who has known this inscrutable and enigma in its fullness. That is why perhaps, according to my view, God chose to remain just a witness! Truly it is this which is the Cosmic form of God ‘viswarupam’ [gigantic form of unmanageable proportions embodying the whole universe].

Ways of Creation

The system in the Universe is highly complex and its diversities immeasurable. There is some unifying force, which make it possible for all these to co-exist! One of the major players in all this is the ‘energy’. There are four factors which cause ‘dimensions’ of an object, like height, length, width and time. The string theory speaks of ten dimensions and the M-theory eleven dimensions. This unifying force is called as the ‘God particle’ by the scientists. There is a continuous movement of objects from one universe to another, from one level of consciousness to another. A star becomes a black-hole. It may no longer be in the domain of the physical universe in a strict sense. But the energy level may not have disappeared completely. Its light which entered the physical universe several millions of years ago still exists. So what was past from one point of view is present or future from another angle!

Creation united

There is unity in diversity in the creation and the beautiful thing in it is the collaboration amongst such diversities. This kind of collaboration helps, optimum performance, reformation, rejuvenation transformation and most of all sustainment of life. If only this ‘concept’ principle can be understood and applied the social aspects, the society too could be in much better shape than what it is today! This appears to have been definitely tried by Sanatana Dharma for good with God as the authority, commander and the unifying force.

Creation through Matter, energy and Consciousness

This is what Swami Vivekananda says: The Creation is a form of self expression. Matter is inert and devoid of any energy and therefore could be called insentient and dead. Our physical body including its brain being a very much part of the Creation it is only matter and has no energy of its own. The source of energy which activates, energizes the matter is the Consciousness. Thence all actions are born! In a lighter vein what is this body without consciousness? That is the body of the dead, something like a fused bulb! Darwin’s evolutionary theory is questionable in this sense. Consciousness, the source of energy, is eternal and is the source of continuing experiences. Everything always existed, exist and will continue to exist. Due to the continuous experiences there is constant change in the form too!

Creation – Forms of Life

Manicka Vachakar, one of the four ‘samayakuravars’ [saivaite saints], in his work Sivapuranam, speaks of ‘life’ taking all kinds of forms. ‘pullahi, pudahi, puzhuvai, maramahi, palmirugamahi, paravaiyai, pambahi, kallai, manidharayai peyai, ganankalayai val asurar ahi, munivarai, thevarai sella ninra iththavara sangamathul ella pirappum prandhu’! [புல்லாகி பூடாகி, புழுவாய், மரமாகி, பல் மிருகமாகி, பறவையாய், பாம்பாகி, கல்லாய், மனிதராய், பேயாய், கணங்களாய், வல் அசுரராகி முனிவராய், தேவராய் செல்லாநின்ற இத்தாவர சங்கமத்துள் எல்லாப்பிறப்பும் பிறந்து …..] [all kinds of birth such as grass, plant, worms, tree, ghost, clan in God’s world, class of demons, saints, celestials, all that Creation in Universe]. Is there a limit to the creativity of Creation? Can one really describe the Creation? No, because it has limitless potency of creativity.

Many beliefs on Soul, Body, Karma

Is the life principle same as the Soul principle? Is it all mere speculation? I am making an attempt here to present in a brief manner about various beliefs in this regard. Hindus – karma and consequent belief in rebirth, Soul. It theorizes that the Soul after departing the body is miserable, hungry, thirsty and desirous to enjoy life. Not being able to enjoy life again, it enters someone else’s body as devil, ghost! [where already another Soul resides!] That is why Hindus, particularly Brahmins, have rituals to dispose of this Spirit/Soul to its proper place! Budhists and Jains – Everything including emancipation falls under karma and hence the consequent belief in rebirth, Soul. Christian – Jesus Christ clearly states that it is Prophet Elias who has come back again as John the Baptist, thus clearly confirming about the Soul and Rebirth! [Christians as such do not seem to have this idea of Christ about soul, reincarnation. Eyptians and Chaldeans [through Herodotus] – The Soul, after death, wanders, takes different births as ‘creatures’ and after 3000 years would enter again human body [preserved as ‘mummies]! Even after 5000 years no Soul has returned to claim the body back! Greek – As an Aryan race the dead was burnt. And Pythagoras had come to India and took to Brahmins as his teachers. Possibly that is why he spoke of Soul and ‘reincarnation’. Hebrews – The Old Testament says: With the breath departing it is the end of all for the body. The breath reaches back the Lord and there is nothing like spirit or Soul principle. Islam – Sufi saints have taken to the theory of rebirth, reincarnation. Melechas [Assyrian or Babylonian]: The body was buried/mummified thinking that it is being preserved for the life principle to get back into that body! And what if the body is dissolved or destroyed! It suffers eternally! Parsis – It is different from burying or burning. They throw the body into the “Towers of Silence” obviously believing that body and Soul are different.

Origin of thought – Soul

The later Religions and its Messiahs too seem to have taken to this idea of a Soul. It may not be a tall claim if I write that it is the idea of Sanathana Dharma’s core philosophy that it has spread all over the world. This is what Dr.Radhakrishnan writes on laying claim to originality. “The great teachers do not lay claim to originality but affirm that they are expounding the ancient truth which is the final norm by which all teachings are judged, the eternal source of all religions and philosophies, the philosophia perennis, the Sanatana Dharma, a wisdom that was not made; but is at this present, as it hath ever been and so shall ever be.”

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