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Musings of a Ph.D. student – By Dr.Jayashree Nagesh, Canada

Dr.Jayashree Nagesh is a friend of mine from 10th standard. She is someone who I see as a very scientific person. She approaches things rationally than emotionally. I would say she still manages to retain much of the innocence from our school days. Things that bind us together are love for being practical, passion for books, writing and loads of respect for Chemi mam (Padmini mam who taught us Chemistry at school).

An alumnus of Meenakshi College for Women, Chennai and then of IISc, Bangalore, she did her PhD in Physical Chemistry from University of Wisconsin, Madison. She has been a teaching/ research assistant there as well. She is currently in Toronto, Ontario, pursuing Post Doctoral Research in spectroscopy, dynamics and energy transfer in bi-chromophoric molecules at The University of Toronto, Canada.

She is a very good photographer, really and not just someone who has an expensive camera. Her Flickr and Picasaweb albums are testimony to this. She loves to travel, tries new things and has her own blog. She is an avid and sincere bird watcher (to quote Wodehouse, it is a nice term for someone who crouches behind a bush and observes the habits of birds). 🙂 🙂 She is learning more about birds from her husband Ashok. She also sings well.

She agreed without any hesitation as soon as I asked her to write something for my blog, for my 6 years of blogging. This article shows her structured thought and clear reasoning. It has given me a very helpful insight into who a PhD student in the US is. I am happy and proud to be her friend. I hope everyone enjoys reading this article as much as I do.


Introduction | Madras to Madison | Madisonite years – ‘Piled Higher and Deeper’ | What comes after Ph.D.?

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