Hava Nagila!

Everything does pass, and we can endure and we can survive!! – Rahul Dravid

10000 + and counting!

March 2012 – I had close to 5 years of blogging, 100 posts, close to 3700 views on my blog and 5000+ visits on my YouTube channel. I had then written a Thank You note to all those involved in my writing journey.  It is now close to 6 years of blogging, 2 full years of it having been spent on WordPress. Today, 27th December, 2012, my blog has crossed 10000 views, and I am happy!

In the next 10 months, I have managed to write 38 more articles taking the tally to 138 posts. At close to 6 years of blogging, I have got 10000+ visits on my blog, 141 comments and 12500+ views on my YouTube channel (with 2 subscribers). I even have 6 subscribers to my blog and 4 people who follow comments on my blog and they are all people I don’t know. I also have more than 20 likes on my blog now. 🙂 🙂

The number of views has more than doubled in such a short span of time. Compared to the 5 years that it took to reach 3700+ views, it has only taken 10 months to reach 10000 + views.

I remain thankful to the same people that I was thankful to when I reached 100 posts. However, for the number rising up so quickly, I only have Facebook to thank.

The first article that I shared on FB was the one I wrote on Rahul Dravid. Then, one of my colleagues, Ramesh Swaminathan asked me to share the article that I had written on Narendra Modi on FB as he thought many people won’t know the details that I had provided. Post this, I received many requests to share the articles that I had written. I started sharing some of the articles that I wrote on FB myself.

Every time I shared something on Facebook, I noticed that the viewership on my blog rapidly increased for the next couple of days. I understood the power of social networking. Suppose I share an article with my friends. Say 10 of them click the link. Even if 3 of them shared with their friends and they clicked the link, I would get plenty of views. So, thanks a ton Mark Zuckerberg and team!! Thanks, Facebook!! Thanks, friends and friends of friends!!

Thanks to all my regular readers and YouTube viewers!! Your encouragement keeps me going.

Coming up – Guest Blogs!!

Apart from reaching 10000 views on the blog, I will be reaching 6 years of blogging too quite soon and hopefully touch the 150 posts mark as well. All these are landmarks for me and I have lined up a series of guest articles to be published for these occasions. Hoping that you will like them too!!

Next target – 200 posts!!


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