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Raanjhanaa Music Review – ARR in full flow!

Raanjhanaa Title Track – Full of joy and superb Sitar!

A joyous song, gets you into a celebration mood as soon as you hear it. There are some songs which make you feel very happy. They give you the feeling that we have everything in life and that we are in a very happy state of mind. This is one such song – makes me feel very content. 🙂 🙂 If the drum beats and piano lift my soul, the sitar BGM piece is a master stroke…. Possible only for ARR! It just tugs at your soul and elevates it to newer heights. Bliss! Hua chaaron or Shehnai shor…. 🙂 🙂

Banaarasiya – Sitar and Shreya!

An out and out Shreya Ghoshal special. Female solos are rare in today’s world and need to very good to click. Shreya’s outstanding vocals and the sitar and flute background has me in its spell. Repeat on my Galaxy…. 🙂 🙂 She sings as though she was born to sing for ARR! The way she rolls her voice making complex stuff looks so simple is superb! The instrument mix is one of ARR’s best, I believe by far his best.

Piya Milenge – Sufism, love and sitar!

A lovely philosophical song in a fully sufi tune! Sukhwinder Singh’s voice gives it a simply wonderful feel. Like he is made to sing sufi songs. ARR has made it a harmonium and percussion mix. Wonderful beats, mixing with some Hindustani classical swaras in between…. The lyrics are really good. “Jisko dhoonde bahar bahar wo baitaa hai bheetar chupke…. tere andar ek samandar, kyun dhoonde dubke dubke….” I just wonder why ARR didn’t sing this one himself….!! “Akal ke parde peeche kar de…. ghoonghat ke pat khol de….” “Sang saathi saa hai wo to wo hai saayaa re….” The song is a cross between love and philosophy, if they aren’t the same already!! 🙂 🙂 Wonderful lyrics, spectacular singing!!

Ay Sakhi – Tun tun tun!! 🙂 🙂 pe pe pe….

I liked the song, especially the tun tun tun, pe pe pe part in between. This is more of a time pass composition, good no doubt, but nothing of great class in it. The singers have done a good job – the rendition is very harmonious.

Nazar Laaye – A Guitar extravaganza!

A very typical duet, nothing much that I can talk about on the tune. The lyrics are pretty good. The guitar BGM is simply excellent. The sing would give good company for a solo car dive on a long stretch of highway.

Tu Mun Shudi – ARR Special!

An excellent ensemble of music and singers. The song has a very different and striking beginning – very typical of ARR! The guy Rabbi has sung pretty well and with ARR chiming in appropriately, it is very special to listen to. Humse wafaein lena!! Wo dil se hataa dhe fikren…. !! – These lines are too well sung. Though Rabbi sings very well and ARR only chimes in, I wanted ARR to sing the whole song. Just shows how much his voice means to the song!

Aise Na Dekho – Differently ARR!

This is a different composition by ARR and really makes you want to listen to it again and again. He himself sings it and trust me, it is truly satisfying on the ears. The guitar and piano interludes are a pleasure. The whistling in between is very refreshing. The chorus is beautifully arranged to complement ARR. I love the way he pauses between Aise Na and Dekho, and makes the dekho very long. Special!! Jaise pehle kabhi dekha hi nahin…. 🙂 🙂

The Land of Shiva – A Thandav arrangement, in tune with the movie being in Banaras. Nothing different or great and very short, but leaves an impact.

Tum Tak – A good duet!

A very nice love song where the hero says everything he does is for his girl! A typical tune as well, but fantastically arranged. The shehnai is subdued and the percussion is predominant. A very celebrating tune. The sitar interludes are lovely. Javed Ali’s rendition, especially the fast lines, are a treat. Pooja AV is always great to listen to. The finishing of this song is awesome as well.

In all, it is an ARR show and when has he ever disappointed us! Hope the visuals do enough justice to the music! Kaun tere bin mera!! 🙂 🙂


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