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Mariyaan Music Review – Mesmerizing!

Years after that soul stirring, nation elevating album – Vande Mataram, the two guys are at it again. ARR has delivered big time for Bharat Bala! I just suppose some people like some people. They are at their best when together. Mariyaan’s music is a classic example.

Nenje Ezhu – Inspiringly wow!!

Vintage ARR number! ARR has sung this one himself. When he sings about the power of love, the feeling is simply awesome. There are certain emotional chords that only he can strike. I think only he knows that they exist! His metallic voice gives the song a power hitherto unknown to mankind. We respect the hopeful music of this song, but we are charmed more by ARR’s voice and the lyrics of the song. Adhu epdi…. “Kuzhandhai sirikka marandhaalum, Iyarakayin vidhi thadam purandaalum, un kaadhal azhiyaadhe!!” Wow!! Salute to Kutti Revathi for these lines. This song is a beacon of hope. It begins with hope and ends with victory. If you aren’t inspired by this, you can never be inspired at all!

Innum Konjam Neram – Spellbinding duet!

ARR has weaved a lot of magic into this song. Vijay Prakash – oh, what a charming singer he is. How many variations of “Innum konja neram irundhadhaan enna” can he sing and each one being better than the other! What a singer! Shweta Mohan is apt for the song. It is a slow and breezy love duet, tugging at your emotional chords. The ghatam and piano background give the song a freshly romantic appeal. When the song finishes, I was left wondering why it finished. Yen avasaram, enna avasaram sollu kanne…. 🙂 🙂

Netru Aval Irundhaal – Freshly romantic!

Easily Vijay Prakash’s best till date. The lyrics bring out the feelings like no other – “Aagayathil nooru nilaakalum, angange neela puraakkalum parandhana…. Kaatrellam aval then kuraalaay irundhadhu….” When Vijay and Chinmayi do this together, it just blows me away. It is easily the pick of the album. The wood flute piece in between is out of this world. Chinmayi is at her best for ARR! “Netru endhan kai valayal isaithadhellam un isaye….” Phooo…. A wonderful melody, for any season. Like the Moongil Thottam for Kadal, this one is exceedingly special.

Enga pona raasaa – A different Shakthishree!

Pain, longing, separation, desperation – if you want to find a music that describes these emotions the exact way that you feel it, this is the song. Very mild guitar and keyboard forms the background, the feelings are all in Shakthishree’s voice. She was bold and outward in Nenjukulla, but is very mild and subtle here, singing about her wait for her lost lover. The magic in her voice moves you very deeply. Kudos ARR and kudos Shakthishree for this awesome song. The lyrics are straight and do the job. “Enga pona raasaa, saayangaalm aachu, kanji aari pochu…. ” Greatly ARR!

Sonaapareeyaa – Fast and catchy!

Nothing great about the song, except that it is fast and makes you hum it repeatedly. This is on the lines of Elay Keechan, about the lives of fisherfolk and their daily lives, their enjoyment and their struggles. The violin parts are really good. Very playful song, good listen nevertheless.

I love my Africa – A free ticket to Africa!

If you want to experience Africa, but don’t have the money, listen to this song. You’ll go to Africa in a few seconds. 🙂 🙂 It celebrates the spirit of Africa and its refreshing tribal percussions. It is an enjoyable musical ride and a great dance tune! African Tourism can use this song to attract more people. I am sure they will find it useful.

Kadal Raasaa – A Dhanush special!

ARR can make even Yuvan sing well!! 🙂 🙂 “Vangaala karai oram vaarum ayyaa, engal paaymara vilayaattai paarum ayya….” When I listen to this, I feel like I am on a seashore, playing with the waves and the boats. It sounded very ordinary in the first listen, but with time, I was able to appreciate the pain and struggle that Dhanush has described so wonderfully in the lyrics. The song has catchy tunes and hides a lot of messages and anger in it.

“naan othaiyila paadurene thannaala, intha paalaivana paraigalin munnaale munnaale”

“verum buthi ketta paavigalin naduve, polambum en uyire uyire”

These lines make me feel the hero is stuck where he doesn’t want to be, is made to dance for those who hold him captive and he is doing it just to keep himself busy. He hides his pain and anger and taunts his captors in his mother tongue, which they don’t follow. Brilliant lines!!

“sitham kulirnthidum bothai aiyaa, ekkam konda aavi azhuthida, kobam konra vithakaiya kaatidum komali aah..”

These lines show his struggle and his disinterest in the place and job that he is at now. Very catchy and superb!! Dhanush is turning out to be the great lyricist that I thought he would become.

The music of Mariyaan is a reason for hope in dark times. They say that music heals. I have experienced that healing with ARR!

A great album, not to be missed! ARR is breathing freshness and oozing emotions into this album!! Long live ARR!!


4 comments on “Mariyaan Music Review – Mesmerizing!

  1. Arun Annamalai
    June 19, 2013

    The last line Innum Konjam Neram review was exactly what I felt. 🙂

  2. Meenakshi
    June 19, 2013

    Thanks for the comment Arun!! 🙂 🙂

  3. Anonymous
    September 21, 2013

    paadalai patriya varunanai miga arppudham

    • Meenakshi
      October 6, 2013

      Thanks! 🙂 🙂 Oya, oyala, enna padachavn kodukkum kai oyala…. 🙂 🙂

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