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Everything does pass, and we can endure and we can survive!! – Rahul Dravid

What’s with this school boyish attitude?

Two incidents that have happened yesterday and today have made me feel that the world hasn’t grown up yet.

Two Italian marines were accused of gunning down fishermen in the Malabar Coast. They were arrested and were taken to court, then kept under custody. They requested to go home to vote; our Supreme Court granted the permission only after the Italian Government promised the Indian Government that they would be sent back after the elections. The guys left. Yesterday, the Italian Government has said that the marines will not be returned to India and that they will continue to lead normal lives in their homeland!! May be the guys really didn’t shoot the fishermen, but atleast, they must have been tried!!

For India, it is a diplomatic failure. Italy may think they have cheated India very artfully. But, it is shame on them really! I mean, why would they employ such a childish tactic to get back two marines who are accused of murder? ‘Ippo emaandhiya’ nu kekara maadhiri irukku. They are not even diplomats and there was no public sympathy for them in Italy either. Many in India are saying that it is humiliating for India and many are bringing in the Sonia connection. I don’t think she would bother rescuing a couple of marines just because they are Italians. They aren’t like Q, who was a family friend and could get some monetary gain.

Namma Prime Minister e mudiya silippi vittu “This is unacceptable” nu solli irukaaru. He generally never reacts to stuff. If he has reacted, then, it must be a big issue, no? I thought there are some international accords for prisoners of such kind. What is the United Nations doing?

Australian cricket coach Mickey Arthur sacked 4 guys (Shane Watson, James Pattinson, Usman Khawaja and Mitchell Johnson) from his team because they didn’t submit a presentation on how they could improve their performance. I remember my school days when the teacher used to make those who didn’t do homework stand outside class. Those who had done the homework would be saying to each other, “Nalla velai inniki kaathala un kittendhu copy adichen dee” or “Nalla vela naan nethi dhaan da mudichen”. Imagining the remaining 12 having a dialogue of this nature just makes me laugh out loud.

I simply don’t understand how an international coach can sack players for not doing assignments. If the player exhibited bad behavior on or off field, then, it is a different issue. But, for not submitting assignments, come on, Mickey! And it completely bewilders me how he can sack two people – Khawaja and Johnson – who didn’t play in either test, for not submitting an assignment on how to improve their performance. What performance does he want them to improve? Perhaps they were a second late in bringing refreshments, what? Cricket, unlike football isn’t a coach’s game. It is a captain’s game. It is ok for Sir Ferguson to slap Beckham with a shoe; such behavior is simply not acceptable in cricket. And how, upon Merlin’s beard, hat and pants, does Mickey Arthur expect Clarke to win a game without 4 players? I am baffled, really! Mickey, you are an international coach, not a primary school teacher. There are ways to deal with and motivate international players; if you don’t know, please learn from Gary Kirsten.

Ok, the coach sacked the players. The players’ reaction is no less childish. Shane Watson has flown back to Australia and threatens to quit cricket. Who really cares? And honestly, Pattinson feels he deserves the punishment! He feels that when the others have been able to do it, he hasn’t shown the discipline to obediently do the set homework. Un kadama unarchiku oru alave illaya da? The very best thing that can be said of this episode is that Khawaja and Johnson haven’t made any comment yet. Avangalum edhachum loose thanama pannirundhaanga naa, motha team ayum nikka vechu suthi potrukkalaam. Appayachum Australia edhachum match win panraangala nu paakanum!

Between nations and in international sporting teams, I thought that a high level of maturity and tact would be adopted. I am appalled to see such incidents happening in the international arena. Guys, please grow up!


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