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Kadal Music Review – One reason to live!!

If you are down and out, Kadal’s music gives you one reason to continue life! ARR’s music in this album rejuvenates and uplifts the mood like nothing else. Even if you were contemplating to quit, it will bring you back.  It is wildly, breezily, freshly ARR!!

I have never waited for any movie’s music as much as I have for Kadal’s. Right from the day a poster was released showing ARR and Mani Ratnam on a sea shore, I have been expecting this music release. Blessed is that sea shore!!

The entire album is majorly a piano feast. The piano in harmony with other instruments and vocals has given a sheer musical treat. It is brilliant beyond anything that I have heard so far.



ARR has composed 3 folk songs in a western feel – Adiye, Elay Keechan and Nenjukulley!! Each is unique and is a delight to the ears! He has showcased his brilliance in his very usual, quiet manner. The album evokes many emotions and is right out of the heart.

Everytime ARR and Mani Ratnam come together for a film, the music that is produced is special. Their music continues to be a beautiful part of my life. Kadal is yet another pinnacle the two have scaled together. I would like to believe that the best of this combo is yet to come! Hoep they make many, many more movies together!

Adiye – Wild, beautiful and plucks at the soul!

The best song of the album. How ARR can dream up such a composition is a wild guess. The guy was born to compose. Sid Sriram is yet another brilliant Rehman find. How ARR came up with such a western, contemporary tune for a folk song sung with a Thoothukudi accent is another wild guess. 🙂 🙂

Karky’s lyrics extract so much feeling and are straight from the heart.  I am desperately waiting for Mani’s visuals for this soulful rendering.

Pallanguzhi padha puriyala onna nambi vaarene…. Manasa kayiraaki izhuthu pora nee…. My favourite lines. This song has played on my phone more than 100 times in the last 3 days!!

The piano and chorus vocals are subtle; yet are in the fore (ARR!!) and add to the beauty of the song. The song’s virgin tune is so catchy and has your lips repeating the lines over and over!!

Anbin Vaasale – A Haricharan special!

Haricharan finally moves into the big league with this ARR song! It is a Christian devotional song with all the right elements. A tribute to God! Haricharan has given his all to the song and his vocal range is incredible. Karky’s kyrics are as usual fresh and are powerful statements in praise of God.

Neeye emadhannamaaga…. Neeye emadhennamaaga….

Poovin mele vannam nee dhaane…. Vaerin keezhe jeevan needhaane….

The church organs, bells, violin crescendos, piano and the church choir chorus bring Jesus right in front of our eyes!! The short pause towards the end and the song continuing after that – typical ARR!!

Elay Keechan – Folky, fresh and cool!

My favourite song of the album!! Karky’s lyrics are too good. The hero seems to sing about the sea, his boat and catching fish – the words suit a girl as well!! 🙂 🙂 Again a straight from the heart writing, new words and brilliant accenting!! Thoma, susa, keechan, konda le….

This is the best song that ARR has sung, after Dil Se Re!! 🙂 The way he changes track at the end is outstanding!! Normally, ARR’s holds his voice very tight when he sings. He has let loose in this song and has literally enjoyed singing this one!!

The composition is majorly string based and has limited percussion used perfectly. ARR has fused folky lyrics and a western composition so perfectly like only he can!!

Pogum megam meena thoovum kondaale…. 🙂 🙂

Nenjukulley – A piano feast!

Nenjukulle is a brilliant composition, majorly piano with strings used appropriately. Shakthishree Gopalan is yet another fantastic find by ARR!! Her voice range is unbelievable. Her Chinmayi-ish voice adds a lot of feel to the song.

Songs that bring out women’s pining for love are rare in Tamil cinema. This is a rare song. Who better to write this one than Vairamuthu?

The heroine describes her lover: Vanna maniyaaram, valadhu kai kediyaaram, aana puli ellam adangum adhigaaram….

Her state of mind: Appo nimindhava dhaan aparama guniyalaye guniyalaye, koda kambi pola manam kuthi nikkudhe….

Her situation of sleeplessness: Kaasa noi kaarigalum kann urangum velayile, aasa noi vandha maga ara nimisam thoongalaye….

Wonderful similes express the lady’s yearning for love. Again a western composition for a folk song!! The song lingers in your mind long after you have heard it and makes you listen to it again and again.

Sithirai Nila – Vijay Jesudas on top!

A very soft melody, meaningful lyrics and soulful rendering by Vijay Jesudas. Since he started singing, I always thought Vijay was as good as his illustrious father. This song has proved it. It has soft tunes pushing his voice to the fore and showing all its capability. He emotes really well. The flute portions (I read somewhere that ARR has used glass flutes….) are just cool.

My favourite lines from the song: Sooriyan maraindhaal vilakondru sirukkum…. Thonigal kavizhndhaal kilai ondru kidaikkum….

Magudi MagudiThaaru maaru!!

Clubby song, brilliant fusion of thavil and thaara thappatta and other instruments!! Like Fanaa, this is one thaaru maaru number – cool rap, simply too western. I am sure this will be played in all dance shows, clubs and discos!

Wonder where this fits in a folky, fisherfolk love story!! Mani must have a plan!! Waiting to watch!!

Chinmayi renders one notch above as usual for ARR.

Naan magudi daa…. Nee paambu…. Oh, how I love this line!!!! Mani himself wrote these!! Seekram vaa!! 🙂 🙂 Waiting!!

Moongil Thottam -Brilliant Duet!

Moongil thottam, mooligai vaasam, neranja monam, nee paadum geetham….

Pournami iravu, pani vizhum  kaadu, othai adi paadhai, on kooda podi nadai….

Idhu podhum enakku idhu podhume verenna venum nee podhume….


Vintage Vairamuthu!!

The violin and piano harmonies are breathtaking. Abhay Jodhpurkar and Harini are apt. This song is one of the best duets that has come off late. It is a very melodious song and grows on you as you listen.

Final verdict: Pristine music!! The best songs I have heard thus far! Kadal’s music deserves the Oscar much, much more than Slumdog Millionaire’s.

Now, waiting for Mani’s visuals…. Thoothukudi, Thiruchendur coasts, a Mani Ratnam love story, ARR music, nostalgia – could it get any better? Getting goosebumps already!!


4 comments on “Kadal Music Review – One reason to live!!

  1. pandiyan
    December 19, 2012

    very insightful review on one of the most brilliant album from mani arr.good luck

  2. ippu
    December 19, 2012

    nice review

  3. Anonymous
    January 8, 2013

    Good reason to live

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