Hava Nagila!

Everything does pass, and we can endure and we can survive!! – Rahul Dravid

In Retrospect

I was talking to my colleague today (24th July, 2012) on our company’s status and our salaries. The talk gradually drifted to our pre work days – how we spent our time in college. This got me in a retrospective mode. Time is a curious thing. It changes a lot of things, including people’s perspectives.

What I felt was the most important thing during my college days hardly matters to me any longer. I used to be very studious. My studies, my marks, my knowledge in the subject were all dear life to me. Studying engineering made me experience FATE. Nambikkai illadhavanukku nambikkai vara vekkanum na Madras University la engineering pannina podhum. There used to be absolutely no relation between how I thought I did my exams and my exam scores. Organic Chemistry 4th sem paper – I thought it was a sure goner. I got 85 in the subject!! Heat Transfer – I thought it was a sure 95+ for me. I had attended all the problem solving questions and solved them perfectly. I checked with the professor who set the paper that all the answers were right. I got 67 in that paper!! J J Damn it, I taught most of my class Heat Transfer and most of the folks scored more than me.

Post college, it hit me that these things don’t really matter for a job. All I needed to do was solve all the puzzles in Shakuntala Devi’s books to get a job at Infosys. Ok, I thought well all I needed was a job and here it is. My first 3 years in Infy were heaven. I had the money, I had friends, well what more did I want…. Post that, I entered the wedding market. Then I realized that all else that mattered to me before were nothing now. Finding the right guy was the key to life or so I thought.

I went through the gamble called arranged marriage. I again thought I was a goner here when suddenly my wedding was finalized and before I could bat an eyelid, over. The things that I argued with my fiancé over don’t matter to me anymore, now that he is my husband. We have moved on to bigger things. I now realize that having kids completes one’s life. Or does it? I don’t know.

What I think is crucial today will become a non-entity down the line. This journey called life – to me – has been a series of realizations over time. To quote from Jefferson, life is a journey in pursuit of happiness. Happiness for most of us is largely a pursuit and rarely a realization. It is up to us really to maximize the realizations through the right pursuits.

I don’t know what I will think of the life that I have lived 20 years down the line but I sure hope I will have many happy moments, a happy family and friends to show for.


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