Hava Nagila!

Everything does pass, and we can endure and we can survive!! – Rahul Dravid

Kalloori Salai – Part 5 – The Management and The Miscellaneous

One of my class mates had brought chips to eat and it was caught at the Ji gate. In our college food was free, of decent quality and was provided in plenty. So, we weren’t allowed to bring food from outside unless it was for a dire need. Definitely chips didn’t belong to the dire need category. The Ji gate is the security gate and the security was usually a hindi speaking fellow and so everyone addressed him as Ji. Where he stood became the Ji Gate. 🙂 Well, the chips was caught and Heartly was given office duty. It is a punishment in which except for the time you went to eat, you had to stand outside the office gate. Everyone will ask you what you are doing and you have to answer – that is about it. Why – for bringing chips, you ask? It was because they thought chips was to be used as a side dish for sarakku. 🙂 🙂

Our college hosted a pattimandram every year on MGR’s birth anniversary. The guests who came included lawyer Sumitra and Pandiarajan. Meenakshi (senior) and Bulb Ramya always participated and almost always won some prize. For College Day, we always had some cinema person – Monal, Vikram, Manoj, etc. It is worthy to note that Monal committed suicide a few months after she visited us. 🙂 🙂

Many more incidents flash across my mind as I rewind – Arul was so surprised he passed all subjects in first year that everyone started calling him All Pass Arul Mike. I remember Kingsley drawing ED sheets for many people at Rs.10 each. There was this mam called Christy who spoke to only one guy in the class called Kiran. You can imagine what kind of teasing he would have had to endure. En vayasu enna, avan vayasu enna no ennavo keta when she got to know she was being teased.

Remembered practising some dance choreographed by Arpita Babaria for the accreditors who were supposed to come for NBA Accreditation of our college. In the end, they did not want to see that. What a disappointment that was – for Arpita, not for us!! 🙂 🙂

In the last term at college, we staged our college’s first strike. Historical event that! There was a fight between the directors, but they were the directors of the college, so the word got around. Apparently one slapped the other on the face with a slipper – no one saw, but everyone talked as though they did. One was very popular among students for his pro sports policy and so all the sports students gathered together in his support.

As in a regular strike, the mirrors and desks were broken with uruttu kattais, lots of screaming, fighting, punching and breaking of anything and anyone who came into view. I still remember how on the last day of the strike, Jose came in blood soaked shirt, ravenous to find the next person he can beat up.

Finally, a settlement was reached and the strike was called off. What dumbness!! As though we could solve everything through strikes!!


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