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Everything does pass, and we can endure and we can survive!! – Rahul Dravid

Kalloori Salai – Part 3 – The cheeky answers

No reminiscence about college is completed without the stupid and cheeky answers that students give to teachers. We had our share as well. One day, we were being extremely rowdy – don’t remember what we were doing. Balakrishna sir made us all stand up!! 🙂 🙂 He pulled up Prem and others and called them “scum from the gutters”. The fun part was that these guys didn’t know what scum was and they were laughing and passing comments. Sir can’t hear well and he got super irritated. It was fun at that time and even now, I ROTFL when I think of this.

There were lots of stupid answers which people gave – almost always knowingly; rarely unknowingly and truthfully. For how many gates are there in Microprocessors class, one guy answered venumne ‘Main gate, side gate, ji gate’. When asked if evaporation was heat transfer or mass transfer by the external examiner during viva, one guy replied saying ‘Mass Transfer’. The external very clearly told him ‘onnu nee thooku maatiko illa naan maatikaren’. Some externals were cheeky too. They asked questions like ‘how many girls go in Ranganathan Street every hour’. One could always hazard a guess. It obviously meant they will give you a pass but just asked you something in order to while away time.

Our chairman’s English speeches always spiced up an evening – the best of the lot being ‘arrest the police’, ‘MGR threw fire into my life’ (he only meant to say lighted the lamp in my life), ‘girl boy no mingle jingle’ among many others.

Accreditation kaaga work panrom nu solli solli engala madhiri oru full sem OB adicha makkal yaarume iruka chance e illa. One full sem, we just did sundry tasks like collecting books, naming them, ordering them, getting stuff ready, etc. The accreditation, we knew would already have been arranged at a high level. But we wanted to while away our time and invented excuses for that. Not much class took place in that sem and we spent most of our in the department chatting away to glory and playing Dumb C – first movies, then songs and then when we ran out of options – advertisements, including Anjaal Aluppu Marundhu and 14 – 33 payoriya palpodi. 🙂 🙂

Don’t remember much of the Neyveli IV, except for the fact that we had loads of fun and took some snaps in Titanic poses in the coal mines. Someone has to give us an award for this imagination!!

In final year, we had A/c class rooms in the newly built Admin Block. But many a time, the A/c wouldn’t come just for our class. Whenever the security passed by, we used to ask him “a/c kab aayegaa?” and he also used reply “aayegaa, aayegaa”. Appo kaduppa irundhudhu, ippo comedyaa irukku.


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