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Kalloori Salai – Part 1 – Random Recollections

Few things in life are as fulfilling as catching up with a school or college friend after a long time. There is nothing like that trip down memory lane – remembering all the events – the good, the bad and the ugly. Curious thing, time! It fades even the sourest, dirtiest moments into near oblivion. In retrospect, even the most embarrassing moments then seem fun; even the most dreadful events seem nothing, sometimes even rewarding!

I could never have predicted what each of those seconds spent at college will make me in foresight. But now that I am out of college for 8 years, it appears to have been the formative years of my life.  They have made me what I am and I know for sure that they will contribute to making me who I will be.

I caught up with my friend from college on Facebook (she was also my friend from school) a few days ago. Both of us also worked in the same company for quite a while. We were discussing myriad things when she commented on the lovely Srilankan accent that some of these kids in Super Singer Junior 3 have. It was then that she remarked about the ‘Injarungo’ song from the film Tenali and the way she and I had danced to it on college day with the ends of the same kerchief in our mouths. The same thought had also crossed my mind.

I like to say that we studied in the erstwhile Madras University because we were the last batch of engineering in the University of Madras. It gives a sense of awe and antiquity. We belonged to ‘Andha kaalathu Madras Univeristy’.

Having studied in St.Joseph’s, I come across the severe criticism that we studied in school than college. Those who say it couldn’t be more wrong. Others always say they cut college to have fun. They cut college and went to Sathyam or Mayajaal and had fun there. We had fun in college itself. I remember very vividly when the new Audio Visual hall was opened, we watched Kaaka Kaaka there on a thiruttu VCD. Not many college students can claim that.

The chemical department specialty in the culturals was the fire dance and the ‘Aasai nooru vagai’ song. ‘College teenage pengal, ellorkum en meedhu kangal’ – we went into a frenzy when we heard these lines. We danced on the aisles to all the songs and conducted saavu oorvalams for other department performances no matter how good they were. We screamed away to glory, cheered our team with gusto and booed the others until they climbed down the stage. When some guest was delivering a long speech, we would start clapping in between for random statements. It was a cue for them to stop speaking. Some took it, some didn’t.

Benzene boys and Gallium girls we called ourselves. Remembering the many incidents when we tried to make tea in a conical flask on a Bunsen burner and the times we ate Glucose or Fructose from the chemical lab brings a big smile on my face.

I recall many of us going for this movie ‘Run’; not to watch Madhavan or to listen to Harris Jeyaraj’s music but to cheer for the St.Joseph’s bus that came in one of the scenes. 🙂 🙂 What madness!! I even sold the extra tickets in black at Devi because a couple of people didn’t turn up for Minnale. I don’t remember much of the Chris ma Chris child moments that we had except that we had one of our classmates say ‘wow, wow, wow, what a nice hot air oven!!’ when the full class was going on.

Chemical girls kabaddi team was expert in one thing – ‘edhiraali vandha kozhi amukkara maadhiri ore amukka amaukkardhu’. There was this girl in IT department called Usha who never said kabaddi kabaddi. She was content saying kabatch, kabatch. 🙂 🙂 We made much fun of her standing in the sidelines.

We had our own set of nicknames – kutti, karadi, bacteria, kuppakaari, kudhirakaari, chithi, maadu; some for teachers and some for us. I am just wondering why we never called Swapna as Swapna Sundari. People used to call me v-notch – after the notch in the Fluid Mechanics lab.

It is just ultimate fun to recollect memories of college professors, check out Part 2.


One comment on “Kalloori Salai – Part 1 – Random Recollections

  1. Bugs
    June 29, 2012

    I take sole credit for naming you Mee-notch. Enna padicheno illayo FM la, ithu ottikichu mind la…..
    Great series of posts. I am laughing uncontrollably thinking of Rani`s Lily mam imitation…the other imitation u missed was Rani imitating Ravichandran “Ajjume mijjing data”.!!
    KAbach kabach – was pricelesss!!!….

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