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The Golden Age of Narendra Modi

  • Gujarat is not bestowed with agricultural land or flourishes like other states. Most of Gujarat is uncultivable land. India’s Agricultural growth rate for the last 10 years is 3%. Gujarat’s Agricultural growth rate for the same period is 11%.
  • Gujarat has generated 72% of India’s jobs in the last 5 years. Majority of the jobs generated in Gujarat is skilled labour, unlike in other states where the majority of work generated is casual, unskilled labour.
  • Gujarat tops the list in cotton production, manufacturing and distribution.
  • In Gujarat, farmers own something called a Soil Health Card which shows them details about their soil, the crops that can be produced in it, how one has to take care of it, what is the produce one can expect, etc. In other states, even humans don’t have health cards.
  • Gujarat has increased milk production by 60% in the last 10 years. It is amazing how Gujarat takes care of its cattle. Dental care is provided for cattle!! It is the only place in the world where Cataract operation is performed for cattle. This is why the rest of India enjoys Amul.
  • People dont buy stabilisers in Gujarat because voltage never fluctuates. Thadai illaa minsaaram, tharamaana minsaaram. Can you even imagine that? In Tamilnadu, as in other states, we get advance notice of when power will get cut in every area in newspapers. In Gujarat, if power goes in some place due to some unforeseen reason, it is news and hence is published in the papers!!
  • Electricity is not free for farmers despite them being the vote bank. People pay for electricity and hence use it carefully. Water supplied in tankers to certain parts are measured like in petrol stations!! On click of a button, the required water is poured and not a drop is wasted.
  • Proper management of water and electricity has led to increase in ground water levels. When the whole world is experiencing a decrease in ground water levels, Gujarat alone has waved magic in its land!
  • 2 lakh check dams have been built across the Narmada to improve water management. 2 lakh dams in 10 years!!
  • A dina kooli (daily labourer) gets Rs.500 a day and eats with his family at restaurants in the weekends! Both husband and wife work or do business and children study.

The above are not India’s achievements in the last 60 years. These are Gujarat’s triumphs in the last 10 years!! Mind boggling!!

Such feats have been possible by the single minded determination and focus of one man – Shri.Narendra Modi. His adamance that he will surely launch his state on the path to development and make the world take notice has resulted in this golden age for Gujarat. He has turned the place into a swarga bhoomi and has made it a land of riches. He has shown us that drive and toil can bring about a change for the country. Aala paathaale mariyadhai varudhu. He commands respect, much like Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam does.

Successes in Gujarat have been possible despite negative cooperation from the centre. In spite of negative propaganda and personal targeting by so called leaders of the UPA and very severe projection of Mr.Modi as a non-secular person, Muslims and Christians in Gujarat vote for him! Shri.Narendra Modi has gained their confidence by means of his sheer honesty!! They are enjoying the benefits of his Ram Rajya (ideal rule) and live peacefully. They are educated and well off, why would they listen to the blithering babbles of the UPA?

The man has performed miracle upon miracle in Gujarat. He has steeled himself to give service to the nation. Like the gold that attains strength when put in fire, Narendra Modi has been fortified by the immense and very intense predicaments that he has faced. He has come out of adversity a stronger person. This is the stuff that leaders are made up of! This is the man who I want leading my country.

Narendra Modi is one of the tallest leaders that India has produced in recent times. He is comparable to a Lee Kuan Yew, a Castro or an Arafat. According to me, the leader of a country should be patriotic, respect its people, bold enough to make decisions, have a clear stance on all issues concerning our country and others, take measures to put  the country on a growth path, not do vote bank politics, have a quick grasp on issues, have the capacity to recognize and realize potential, be non-secular and non-corrupt. More importantly, a leader requires charisma – a very strong magnetic pull that can attract people. Mr.Modi has all these qualities in abundance and is also blessed with acute Gujarati business acumen. He is currently the best suited candidate for the prime-minister-ship of India.  

Snakes live on sandalwood trees and spit venom on them. Nonetheless, sandalwood emits only fragrance, not foul odour. Likewise, Modi refuses to be affected or bogged down by the lethal malices that pollute politics today. He has set an extraordinarily high standard for himself and is only seen raising it. I did have a fascination for the name Narendra because it was Shri.Vivekananda’s name before he became Swami. Mr.Modi has only increased it.

I detest the fact that everyone who enters politics is called a leader these days. Fact remains that all MLAs, MPs and other public office bearers are representatives of the people. Most of them don’t even do that job. They can be classified as cheerleaders, for the fact that they entertain people by indulging in various comic activities during their tenure. There is no one in the UPA or its allies who has the stature or caliber to even try becoming a leader.

I agree with Cho when he said that the most wonderful leaders in India are currently from the BJP. The BJP has to cash in on the weakness of the UPA and its allies, its Himalayan scams, its lack of leadership, its non-passionate approach towards India’s growth and above all, its worsening attitude towards Indians.

I sincerely hope that the BJP will go to the polls with Modi/ Advani as the PM candidate. I pray that they win a handsome majority.


One comment on “The Golden Age of Narendra Modi

  1. Anonymous
    June 23, 2012

    nice article

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