Hava Nagila!

Everything does pass, and we can endure and we can survive!! – Rahul Dravid

Idhu en seatu!

Enna panradhu nu therila na enna venumna pannuvaanga pola irukku. I have seen benches in parks being named after people when I was in London. Someone would have donated a bench or someone might have sat on a particular bench until they couldn’t come to the park any longer. So, what did the officials do? They named the park bench after them. In honour of so & so. If ever I meet that so & so, I will ask atleast 4 words.

If I laughed out loud when MK named the IT corridor as Rajiv Gandhi Salai, what I did today was nothing compared to that. Room pottu thaniya naalu naal sirichaalum theeraadhu. Couple of people came unannounced into our cubes today with stickers. Already our systems and whiteboards have stickers; in fact, the white board has two stickers on it. As if I have nothing better to steal from the company than white boards!!

I know that one is a GPS kind of thing that helps them locate the place. Another one also serves a similar purpose, although I don’t quite get the nuances. If someone has plans of stealing systems from my company, I will eat my phone. Promise! The mouse, wires and processor unit are all tied together with a metal rope behind the system, to prevent me from stealing the system in parts. They are intelligent, you see! The mobile units also have stickers on them so I shouldn’t keep my stuff in yours and look for it in his. You get it? Even I don’t.

So today when they came with stickers, I was wondering what they will stick it to. There is only me and my chair that don’t have stickers. The table doesn’t either but then that’s kind of stuck to the floor and nailed to the walls. The chair and I are the only things that can move around, you know.

Thankfully, they put the sticker underneath my chair. Yippee! Inime, idhu en seatu! If you sit on my chair, I wonder if I can sue you. 🙂 I took a look at the sticker and found that the chair not only has a name but also an address! Touché! There is also a barcode and a serial number. I couldn’t control my laughter and laughed out in peels. My intestines would come out if I laughed more.

Anyways, what are they trying to do, naming a chair? Yaaraachum Take your seat ndradha thappa purinjundaangalo? Ingendhu chair thirudara alavukku, idhu enna peacock throne aa? Are they going to track the movement of the chair? Are they going to ask us to update the chair ids in the system? What the dash for?

One guy had an idea saying it was for calculating the net worth of assets. Puffffff! I mean, honestly!! There are 20 chairs and 30 tables in the company. A chair is worth Rs.10 and a table is worth Rs.20. So how much is Net worth of chairs and tables in the company? Sounds like a 5th standard maths question. Grrrrrr!! Itha kannakku eduthu enna da panna poreenga?

Illa inime yaarachum vandha, avangalukku solvaangalo, so & so was sitting here nu. May be they will have a chair policy or something. Someone who wants an “Excellent” rating has to sit on the same chair every day for the entire appraisal cycle. Or inime yaar seatayaavadhu kizhikkanum na, idha kizhicha podhum nu nenekaraangalo. We also noticed that the stickers had the old company name on them. So, actually they aren’t valid. I am the only one that doesn’t have a sticker on me in my cube. How long do you think they will take to give us one each?

Indha vevestha ketta kaariyatha oruthan yosichu implement vere pannirukkaan. Avan mattum en kaila kedachaan…. Theliya vechu, theliya vechu adikkanum! Apdiye suthi podanum. Pathu pooshnikai suthi avan thalailaye podanum. Avan mooka pidichu nalla vetti vidanum. Yennaa, mooku eduppa irundha, ipdi ellam yosikkanum nu thonum.

Indha alpa matter ku oru blog vere, enna sollanum!!


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