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Kerala Shining

Kerala is a small state in India, much known for its attractive country side, backwaters, oil massage, Mammooty, Mohanlal and a few temples like Guruvayoor.

We know of the princely clans of Jaipur, the Nawab/ Nizam of Hyderabad, Mughal emperor Akbar, the Rajputs, Ashoka, even of Prince Charles of UK. Not many outside Thiruvananthapuram know that there exists a royal family there. Courtesy some X, a suit was filed in the Supreme Court which stated that the temple jewels were being mishandled by the royal family.

The officials promptly answered the call and showed up to count it, only to get drained and tired before counting half of it. They couldn’t even give estimates to some of the items like antiques and yantras. And how on earth could one put a price tag on Padmanabhaswamy and his recliner Anantha? They couldn’t and gave some amount which everyone just accepted without much ado.

The fact is that when Muslim invaders started to loot India, Padmanabhaswamy was covered with kadusarkara (a very thick dark concoction of soot + caramelized sugar syrup and a few other ingredients). This secret was passed on from generation to generation in the royal family. The present king Uthradam Thirunal Marthanda Varma had a dream in which God asked him to perform abhisheka for him. He ordered the abhisheka and when they scrubbed Padmanabhaswamy, they beheld a wonder!! The idol was discovered to be covered in pure gold. It was then that the king’s mother revealed the very well-kept secret. In order to fulfill the dream, they scrubbed Him completely. After some time, they covered the idol again in kadusarkara, except His one golden hand with which He performs abhisheka to Sivan. I have been blessed to see for myself the golden reclining form of Padmanabhaswamy encrusted with precious stones.

Honestly, if I get a potful of jewels in my own backyard, I would not tell anyone and use it all for my own needs. Perhaps I would share it with my family and closest of friends.

How do I write about a person who gave away 1 crore crore of estimated wealth at the temple alone? The royal clan has donated plenty of land in Chennai itself – Padmanabha Nagar in Adyar and entire Cenatoph Road belonged to them. How do you talk about a person who gave that away? How do you talk of a family that knocks off even the sand on their feet before coming out of the temple? (They don’t even take a speck of sand from Padmanabhaswamy!!)

When I first heard this, I asked myself – Is this Kali Yuga?

True, they are not suffering for a living. They have their own pepper business that supplies to the Buckingham palace and other royal courts in Europe. However, why would they just give away so much of wealth to the temple? Why didn’t they hoard it all in Swiss banks and Leichenstein? What made them say no to very lucrative business investments? The answer is very simple – they have surrendered their all to Padmanabhaswamy.

Not just Uthradam Thirunal Marthanda Varma; his entire clan has not taken even a single penny from that giant pile of wealth. This, despite complete knowledge of what lies where!! So much treasure would drive people without spirituality insane. But then what do you expect from an ancient royal lineage that threw open the temple to all castes when Gandhiji said it, from a lineage that is broad mindedly matriarchal and doesn’t prohibit its daughter in law to perform dances on stage and from a lineage that sold its posessions to keep the temple? Read this for more information – http://www.hindu.com/thehindu/mag/2003/03/30/stories/2003033000700700.htm.  

There are the pundits who want this wealth to be evenly distributed among all the people in India. And then there are those who want all vaults at all temples to be opened. Why don’t they open all Swiss accounts of politicians first? And they really think that they will be able to distribute it evenly!! God help them!!

There are also those who still suspect that Uthradam Thirunal Marthanda Varma takes a tiffin box full of jewels every day in the guise of taking payasam!! Honestly, seven generations of his family would have to take payasam in tiffin boxes every morning and still the fortune would not be over.

The person who filed the suit died within days of opening the chamber. Whether that was natural or due to the anger of Adhisesha, we don’t know. What it has done is scare enough people to stop wearing their probe glasses.

Even if there was mishandling previously, it would have been limited to a few individuals taking a few handfuls. Now, it lays bare open. Now, who is responsible for guarding this treasure that has been so publicly exposed? What has this entire exercise achieved? We will never know.

It is not the pearls, emeralds, rubies or diamonds that are shining in Kerala. It is the character of Uthradam Thirunal Marthanda Varma that is shining above all else. He is indeed fit to be called His Majesty/ His Royal Highness. Thiruvalluvar has said that if the King of the land is righteous, the land will have ample rain and prosperity. Kerala has been the most prosperous land in India and this is probably why.

Long live the righteousness and honesty of Uthradam Thirunal Marthanda Varma! Long live he and his clan! Long live the glory of Anantha Padmanabhaswamy!!


One comment on “Kerala Shining

  1. seejarajan
    October 14, 2011

    great post….

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