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Fare well, Harry Potter!!

I really don’t know what to write a blog on – the evening I had, the Express Avenue mall or the new Harry Potter movie. Each of them is special to me – in their own way. The fantastic evenings in my life have been very few since Shweta got married and Express Avenue is rather new but Harry has been with me for over a decade now and continues to be. It is only fitting that I write about him first.

Harry Potter – I run out of words in English when I want to describe what I feel when I read the books or watch the movies. Something runs within me and I feel elated, along with the rest of the world.

What really to talk of? The starting Gringotts sequence was breathtaking – much akin to Hagrid showing us Diagon Alley in Philosopher’s Stone. An awe inspiring graphic! And in 3D at Streak, Escape – it was worth more than Rs.120 that I paid for the ticket. These things make me want to run to a graphics school and learn something! What am I doing writing a blog? Saying that the graphics of the cups multiplying was phenomenal is an understatement. What to say of the scene when they begin to guard Hogwarts – like a thousand shooting stars in the sky at once! How can I describe the final scene showing a middle-aged Harry, pot-bellied Ron and a motherly Hermione and Ginny?

“Piertotum Locomotor” was just too grand!! A multitude of soldiers in arms walked to “man the boundaries and do their duty to the school.” What few minutes those were!!

Actors have matured over time – the dash and bash of adolescence have moulded into the nous and panache of adulthood. The naivety has been replaced with experience. When Hermione said “I will go with you” to Harry, I felt my friends. Such was the acting!! Ralph Fiennes (Voldemort), Alan Rickman (Snape) and Maggie Smith (McGonagall) simply stole the show. Unlike Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson, they had very limited time on screen. Snape’s final scene rocked and when McGonagall said “Harry, it is good to see you”, I understood the meaning of the term – seasoned actor. They get 2 seconds on screen and they perform so well that they stay with us for life. Wow!

Tom Felton has carried himself off with such élan. Spare a minute to like what Ralph Fiennes has done – he has played the man who people across the world HATE! The guy deserves a very special place for having essayed this role with ease and elegance. The 30 seconds given for Fred and George was ultimate – “Feeling good Freddie?” “Me too Georgie”. The guys were speaking this when they were at war – real leaders! Neville had done a great job – when he slashed Nagini, the crowd applauded. All others had also given very commendable performances.

The Nagini sequence, although different from the book was awesome! This movie differs from others in that aspect. There were many changes from the book but they were acceptable and gelled with the story very well.

I opine that acting is an innate thing and it HAS to come naturally. All of them have blended so well with the story that drama was nowhere to be seen. It was like watching Hogwarts in front of me. The excellent sound and 3D added great value to this! Hail Sathyam Cinemas!! Jai Vigyaan!!

This is more than the grandest of finales I had ever imagined for HP! Of course, films in future will be made with much better aplomb and finer technology. However, this will be etched in our memories for very long. Kudos to David Yates and Team for achieving this great feat!!

What I felt missing was that a few of the important duels could have been shown for a span of 2 minutes; full credits for showing Mrs.Weasley’s duel though! Elves and centaurs could have been shown for a couple of seconds like spiders were!

A decade of growing up with Harry has come to an end. But these will stay with me for many, many more years to come.

To describe this movie in one word – which one would I choose? Great? Awesome? Magnificient? Superb? Out of the world? Spellbinding? No. Magical.

Farewell, Harry? NO WAY!! Fare well, Harry!!!!


One comment on “Fare well, Harry Potter!!

  1. Jeyna Grace
    August 2, 2011

    Nice post!

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