Hava Nagila!

Everything does pass, and we can endure and we can survive!! – Rahul Dravid


If you would like to have INC soup, this is the right time. The Congress led UPA Govt is currently in very hot soup. It has created problems for itself. Some of these are small yet nagging problems that keep poking it in various places every alternate second. Some of these have grown to disproportionate sizes and relish hitting it on the head with a club. Chased on all sides by ghosts of the past, present day scams and others, the Congress has no place to run, no place to hide. It has made Jayanthi Natarajan face the music in most cases. She gives some vague answer to even the simplest of questions. She can be awarded “The Most Straight Face of the year amidst multiple crises”, if ever there was any.

Starting with the shameful expose of swindling money allocated for CWG leading to Kalmadi’s resignation to the recent Baba Ramdev issue, it is a journey that the Congress would want us to forget. Now the Congress says papers related to this case are missing. Next came the Adarsh scam. Of all things to swindle from, they put their hands into the houses reserved for Kargil war heroes. In this also, only related papers have gone missing. Even Sherlock Holmes would find this case of the missing papers challenging!!

Congress lost miserably in the Gujarat Assembly polls notwithstanding very aggressive propaganda against Narendra Modi by all top Congress Leaders – Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Dr.Manmohan Singh with ample support from the media. Despite all efforts to project Modi as a Hindu religious fanatic, he won with a thumping majority giving the Congress a good drubbing. Before they had time to recover came Bihar – another spectacular and massive loss; this after Rahul Gandhi’s overnight stays in farmer’s houses and drinking kanji from ezhai makkal’s kitchens.

They managed to just scrape through in Kerala after a lot of huffing and puffing. However, bad days in Kerala are far from over with Achyutanandan giving the Youth Congress leaders handpicked by Rahul Gandhi some solid beating. He called them Amul babies. Needless to say, none of them made an impact at the polls.

Inime vendaam, porum porum ndra alavukku they have faced trouble from Kanimozhi, Maran, A Raja and Kalaignar. 2G scam has become a nightmare to the Congress Govt all over India. 1,760,000,000,000 na summava! Wounded all over, they don’t know where to start licking.

Added to this, Anna Hazare and his team want a Lokpal Bill drafted. His movement has become a gadfly for the Centre. They simply don’t know how to get out of it. The Govt messed up with the Baba Ramdev arrest and got into a spot of bother. It spinned into a war of words between the Congress and the BJP. Digvijay Singh called Baba Ramdev a thug and L K Advani called Dr.Manmohan Singh a nikamma. Sushma Swaraj danced at Raj Ghat during a protest and Digvijay Singh called BJP a party of dancers; Omar Abdullah said his father can dance better! Baba Ramdev himself is speaking with a double forked tongue. He first said he forgave the PM but later on threatened to build an army and give arms training to 11000 men and women! Aren’t Yoga gurus supposed to control their emotions? Topping this word exchange is Arun Jaitley’s comment in which he called Dr.Manmohan Singh a headless chicken!

The Congress shows its true secular colours every now and then. When Gilani speaks opposing India, it is allowed and is called Freedom of Speech but Ramdev, who tried to undertake a peaceful Satyagraha against corruption, is arrested. The UN Convention against Corruption came in 2005; the Govt of India ratified it only last week, that too after political pressure.

What is more, all media is making fun of Dr.Manmohan Singh because he says he doesn’t know what is happening in the Govt. Ask him any question on any issue in the country and he says he is not aware!! Really, he has lost the respect and self-esteem that he earned over the years.

Karnataka la Yedurappa torture. Despite all efforts from the Governor, he managed to hold his position there. Elsewhere, congress leaders beat up a person at a press conference with Janardhan Dwivedi for trying to throw a shoe which was intensively covered by all news channels. Losing face has become a sort of day to day affair for the Congress.

As soon as Osama was killed, Home Minister P Chidambaram released a list saying these most wanted guys are in Pakistan. Out of that 2 are dead, 1 is in a jail in India and another is living in Pune!! What a list, PC! Such is the state of ministries. Night oda night aa list edupaane?? Why don’t they give proper time to officers?

Dr.Manmohan Singh would probably be thinking this: Indha pakkam thirumbina CWG, andha pakkam paatha Anna Hazare, neraa paatha Adarash scam, thirumbi ninna Election la tholvi. Mela paatha 24/ 7 TV channels, keezha paatha Opposition parties, international pressure. Seri kanna moodlaaam na 2G scam thala virichu aadudhu. Kanavula kooda yaaro shoe thooki veesara maadhiri irukku. Supreme court, JPC ellam sendhu simma sopnam kudukudhu. Muzhichaalum prachana, thoonginaalum prachana. A.Raja va mudhugu la thattina TV Channels yen nu kekaraanga. Enna pannalum ore thalai vali ya irukku. Enna vaazhka da idhu!


An Italian head on an Indian body just isn’t working. 7, Race Course Road needs change!


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