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Everything does pass, and we can endure and we can survive!! – Rahul Dravid

Jayalalitha – Madhurayai meeta Sundarapandiyamma

Assembly Elections 2011, though conducted only in 4 states and one Union territory in India, is a wonderful episode in the history of Indian politics. It is a historic moment where the voter has given a thumping majority and have clearly chosen the party that they think deserves to rule them. This election posed a great challenge to all involved. The Election Commission, the political parties, media, all had challenges. However, the greatest of all challenges was for the people who would vote in these states, especially for the people of Tamilnadu.

The DMK tried to buy the people out with money. They tried to win the election on freebies. J did not allow that. She too announced freebies making that tactic of the DMK irrelevant. The DMK did not have a single achievement to speak about from their last 5 years in power. She had enough achievements to speak about from her 2001 – 2006 rule itself! The 2 G scam helped a great deal, Congress infighting helped a great deal, having allies helped a lot; however, it is the single minded determination and powerful campaigning of Jayalalitha that has won this election for her. Congratulations!

In 2001, when she won, Tamilnadu was under loan from the World Bank. There was a power deficit. In fact, the World Bank itself said that Tamilnadu’s situation is impossible to fix. Jayalalitha settled all loans, brought millions of dollars in investment for Tamilnadu. She fixed the power situation and when she was voted out of power, she left the government in excess of power. She made Tamilnadu a rich state. Law and order was perfect in the state, she nabbed Veerappan and she increased ground water levels in Chennai by doing rain water harvesting. She challenged Karunanidhi many times to file a single corruption charge on her. He could not do it. She was voted out due to her bad election strategy, ego and a less powerful alliance. She did not lose as badly as the DMK has lost now.

In the 2006 – 2011 DMK government, finances have been wrecked, nothing has been done for the people, scams of Himalayan proprotions have taken place. The power situation which Jayalalitha fixed has been ruined. The government wantedly messed up with its own law and order. It has left NGO women under loans. Real estate, cinema and hotel departments were taken over by MK’s family.

This vote is not an anti incumbency vote. A clear mandate is not a characteristic of an anti incumbent vote. It is a mandate in which the voter states in one mind and voice that he wants Jayalalitha to rule the state. It is not a negative vote. It is a vote that has been casted to bring positive energy to the state. The scale of victory for Jayalalitha is humongous. This doesn’t happen in anti incumbency. No one else can fix this state – except Jayalalitha. She is the only one who has the capacity and the will to do this.

Democracy means that people should vote to elect a government. It has taken 63 years of independence for us to realize this. Better late than never. Tamilnadu elections have been the bastion of the DMK and the AIADMK. It has generated great leaders – Rajaji, Kamaraj, Kakkan, MGR, et.al. It has also been the ground for goondaism, the dirtiest and filthiest politics and bad leadership. Battleground 2011 was different. For one thing, the electoral rolls were near perfect this time. For another, it was a fair and just election. It was different in the manner in which the election was conducted. No untoward incidents, no booth capture, no rowdyism, no reported incidents of pressing one button but registering votes for another. More than 75% of voters turned out. When people turn out in large numbers, it is easy for the Election Commission also to ensure that nothing untoward happens.

The results of 2011 Assembly elections in India is a triumph of democracy. The people this time were more aware of their right and duty to vote. They knew their power and they exercised their franchise properly. They have made a very strong statement that they cannot be bought, that they will fight together when required. The results are a slap on the face of those who said and thought that the people of Tamilnadu will do anything for money. They have ended the rule of a family that tried to make Tamilnadu its property, the rule of those that didn’t echo the sentiments of Tamils. The results show the conviction of a people who desperately desire change. They have elected a proper and powerful leader in Jayalalitha – who can ensure that they lead better lives.

I have never seen a bolder politician than Jayalalitha. Ofcourse, I am talking of recent times not of the Gandhian days. I echo Cho’s sentiments on her. She is surely better equipped to handle better positions than the Chief Ministership of Tamilnadu. She is one of the very few leaders in India today with real statesmanship capabilities. Her clarity of the system and self belief is tremendous. With time, she has also matured as a politician.

She has become the Madhurayai meeta Sundarapandiyamma. Stuck in Azhagiri’s dada rule, Madurai has fared very badly in recent times. It was Azhagiri’s home. Everything there belonged to him. Azhagiri was feared even by DMK members including Stalin and Kalaignar. Jayalalitha campaigned aggressively in Madurai despite death threats from Azhagiri. She is the real Anja nenji. She has really given a guaranteed 5 years of peace for the people of Madurai. It is a real rescue act – a Baasha of sorts!

Chennai is supposedly the bastion of DMK. In fear of loss, Kalaignar stood in Thiruvarur this time and Stalin did not stand in his usual Thousand Lights constituency. The AIADMK has swept Chennai this time around. Kudos!

Areas containing all kinds of majorities and minorities have voted for Jayalalitha this time. His not having a poonal around his shoulders hasn’t helped him. Great job, voters!

City, patti thotti, Puducherry, ellathayum valachu pidichurukaanga Amma. I hope that she will do a clean job like in her 2001 – 2006 regime. Barring the arrest of Kanchi Sankaracharya, everything in that regime was near perfect. That’s as good as a politician can get – near perfect.

She has a tough task this time too. She has to rebuild the entire state and fix every field. She is more than upto the task and I think she will perform admirably.

I think that she will give a plausible rule and make Tamilnadu a more vibrant place. It should also be interesting to see what happens of Vadivelu. Also the fates of Kalaignar, Azhagiri, Udhayanidhi Stalin, Dhayanidhi Alagiri, Arulnidhi, Kanimozhi, Dayalu Ammal, Rajathi Ammal and their companies should be intesresting to watch. The Maran brothers won’t be much affected I feel. The film fraternity and real estate folks can breathe easy. Vijay should be jumping with joy! It should to be interesting to see Captain Vijayakanth start his political career in a ruling party. Whether he will start it as an opposition leader or as the vice captain of the ruling alliance is yet to be known.

Congress has always been on the winning side in all elections in Tamilnadu since 1991. That is, for the past 2 decades! This time, the Congress has lost because of the DMK’s bad politics more than by itself. It should be interesting to see what will happen of the DMK – Congress alliance.

Elsewhere, Bengal has voted for change. Mamta has a sweeping majority. Voters have wiped out Left after 30 years from Bengal. We should hopefully see some reforms there. “Parivartan” has been her ladder to victory. Chup chaap bolee chaap hasn’t worked either in Bengal or Kerala. The relevance of The Left party and communism in general on a national level is a question mark.

The Congress has swept Assam mainly due to Tarun Gogoi. Nothing else is of interest there.

Kerala has had the toughest election till date in India’s history. For a state that has always cleanly opted for change, we should award the Man of the Match to Achyuthanandan for getting 69 seats despite being the ruling party. The octogenarian says they will analyze the result. Really, what will he analyze? I do not think that it should be difficult to run the government with The Left as an opposition. It doesn’t really matter in Kerala. They are not going to bring in progress to the state anyway.

Puducherry has also given a clean verdict to N Rangasamy and his AINRC in alliance with AIADMK.

Change has been the mantra for this election. People have voted out non performing and corrupt governments! People have thrown out minority and caste politics. They have voted for reform. I am happy about this. Very well done – voters and Election Commission! What an election it has been!


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