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The slaying of Vaali

I seem to want to discuss controversial topics off late. Perhaps it is the effect of some planetary peyarchis. 😛

Assume there are two people A and B. They are fighting a war. Both A and B have good and bad characteristics. A has more good characters than bad. B is the reverse. If A wins, the rule will be for the society. If A wins, there is a promise of building a good future. If A wins, there will be ethical rule. If A wins, there is a brighter tomorrow. If B wins, there will be selfish rule. If B wins, the future is not bright. If B wins, ethics are lost. If B wins, there is no good for society, instead there are bad things which he will do for sure.

B is stronger than A and because of his strength, he has more chances of winning. But if A can do something against the conduct of war, A would win and the world is saved. But A would lose his honour and history would blame him. Would you urge A to cheat and win? I would.

If you were A, would you do it? I wouldn’t. I would rather die a martyr or cheat because I want to win. I wouldn’t think about the world when I am fighting with an enemy.

In this case A is Rama and B is Vaali. The slaying of Vaali comes at a crucial juncture in The Ramayana. Rama has no hope of finding Sita without Sugreeva’s help. Did he cheat so that Sugreeva would help him? No. He cheated because he wanted to do good for the world by slaying an evil king. After Rama slays Vaali, Vaali chastises Rama in highly offensive tones. Rama listens to all that. After that, he explains to Vaali why he killed him. He does the Dharmopadesam to Vaali. Vaali recieves it all and says finally to Rama, “Forgive what I spoke. I rebuked you because of my dying pain. I understand that it is Dharma for you to kill me. I am happy to die by your hands.” He adds on, “I am a person to be killed for I have forgotten my Dharma.” Further, he goes on to say, “I entrust Angada and Tara to you. Please take care. May victory be with you. Blessed is Sugreeva who got you as a friend.”

Vaali left the mortal world aware and satisfied that what Rama did was right. Vaali himself, his wife Tara and son Angada did not have a problem with Rama. Tara says to Vaali before he goes to fight Sugreeva for the second time, “Know that Rama is with him. Rama always sides Dharma. It is not right for you to fight with Sugreeva now.” Tara knew that Vaali was an adharmi. Angada later on in a warning to Ravana before the battle begins says, “I have come from Rama – the one who has done no wrong.” In a meeting with his father’s friend, the enemy of the one who killed his father, Angada said that Rama has done no wrong. This goes to show that Angada believed Rama to be a follower of Dharma. They all accepted the fact that Vaali had to killed for the betterment of society.

What Rama did was not only correct, it requires extreme character and a perfect mind.

It is a question of either upholding your honour and giving away this world to the bad guy or losing your respect but safegaurding the world. Which is the better thing to do? Rama killed Vaali. Yes, he cheated. He killed him from behind. Till this day, many have said that Rama is not brave enough because of this deed. But, he gave the world The Ram Raajya – so many perfect years of happiness to lakhs of people. In his rule, things were fair and just. He ensured that citizens of the country were the most important people and did everything for them.

For the good of the world, is it ok for a person with a stable mind to cheat? I think it is.


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