Hava Nagila!

Everything does pass, and we can endure and we can survive!! – Rahul Dravid

An evening in Chepauk!

IPL 2011, 43rd match – Chennai Super Kings vs Rajasthan Royals

IPL can’t be classifed as cricket really but it has given the game a reach and style that it lacked before. Ofcourse, the concept is borrowed from the west – leagues have always led to very good competition and a load of money. It also promotes a lot of local talent. So, it is good in a way.

I am an out and out Chennaiite. I support the Chennai Super Kings. I went to the match hoping to see a few things. I wanted to see Rahul Dravid hit some fours, I wanted to see Shane Warne get a wicket, I wanted to see Dhoni bat, I wanted to see Chennai win. I wanted to participate in the crowd cheering, I wanted to see some good fielding efforts, I wanted some shots for my camera!

I was very happy that Dravid got a 66 off 51 balls. He was just brilliant. If he can exhibit such technical excellence in IPL, how good will he be in a test match? If there is a Test match in Chennai next, I will definitely try and watch this great player – I am sure it would be in awe. What more, the crowd cheered for Dravid when he came on to bat. His shots were so nice that the crowd cheered for every boundary of his. There were shouts of “Dravid, Dravid”. Needless to say, I joined in.

Ashwin got a wicket – he is one of the players I am watching keenly off late.

Shane Warne did not get a wicket but he bowled an exceptional spell and displayed some good on field presence. Rajasthan does not have even a single player who figures in the Indian ODI or T20 side. With this team Shane Warne is able to extract quality cricket!! What a brilliant cricket head he must have! He sets an example ON the cricket field. What a great bowler he himself is!

Raina and Hussey batted exceptionally well. Dhoni didn’t come out to bat – he didn’t need to because these guys finished things off. I saw Hussey do fielding in deep mid wicket. It was just so good. The brilliant caught and bowled by Jakati happened in a flash. Wow, what superb reaction time!

The best part of IPL is the music and the crowd. Most of the crowd was yellow jerseyed and many had their faces painted. I heard so many Hindi voices behind me and sitting next to me were a seth couple. This was what IPL was about. People from everywhere come and play, people from everywhere come and watch!

Whenever Chennai got a wicket or hit a six, the CSK theme song was played. The HallaBol of Rajasthan Royals was played everytime Rajasthan did something special.

Between every over, they played part of a fast paced tamil song. Yesterday, they played Apdi podu, Otha sollala, Naaka Mukka and many more. Aasai nooru vagai got the loudest cheers, naturally.

Even for a normal match as this one, the crowd was ecstatic, on its heels for every ball, danced like crazy and went wild whenever Chennai took a wicket. There was this player called Doshi who went for 20 runs in an over yesterday. When he came to field at widish long on, the crowd went after him. They were shouting his name very loudly and said “Doshi super aa pota da”, “Hey Doshi, unakku innum oru over irukku” and “Dosssssss, dossssss”. I am not sure he understood it completely but he would have known for sure that they were teasing him.

“Askulakkadi gala gala gala hu ha hu ha”, “Chennai naa summaavaa”, “LIC height, Chennai naa weightu” and “CSK CSK” chants rent the air. When they ran out of stuff, they just started screaming “Dosai Dosai…. Idli Idli….”. Dhoni got the loudest cheers followed by Ashwin, Raina, Hussey and Warne. We cheered every fielder who came to field at deep midwicket. Badri, Anirudha and  Hussey were the guys who fielded there.

People were putting dappanguthu steps, they stood up on chairs, waving flags, and were dancing in bliss. Some attained the so called paravasa nilai. It was a delight to watch people in unison. They performed the mexican wave. And what to say of Chepauk! The stadium is just so brilliant – it is no more the concrete crucible that it once was. It is a breezy cricket field. It is built so well and has such amazing views. Lush green grass, flat wicket, great players…….. too good!

Chennai won by a glorious margin of 8 wickets.

Chennai Super Kings ku periya whistle adinga

Enga ooru Chennai ku periya whistle adinga

Enga thala Dhoni ku periya whistle adinga….

All in all, it was a fantastic evening. You can find Voice recordings, Videos and Photos on the Chillax Studios link.


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