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TN Elections 2011 – who will win?

“Tamilnadu is a tough state”, announced the Election Commission. This time the Election Commission did a good job and stopped much of the cash that DMK planned to give to its voters. In TN, the feasible choice is between DMK and AIADMK. Personally, I want Jayalalitha to win the election. I think she will win too. There were a few points of her campaigning that I really liked/ are very impressive.

Sun TV and Kalignar TV only telecasted some of Stalin’s campaigns. They only teleacsted one or two of MK’s speeches. They did however telecast Vadivelu’s entire campaign. So, the Kazhagam trusted him more than it trusted the the so called kolgais of Periyar, Anna and MK. On the other hand, Jayalalitha trusted herself. She and Vijayakanth campaigned to large crowds (the largest crowds after MGR according to Thuglaq and Indian Express). She was point blank and addressed all salient points of governance. She had a very good manifesto that covered all sections of trade and industry, agriculture, service and all classes of people.

DMK mainly relied on giving away freebies. Jayalalitha, though against freebies in the early part of the election, also announced freebies in the later part of the campaigning. This made the freebies irrelevant in the election. The voter wont vote for DMK because of freebies anymore. She is a person known to doing what she says – right from Rain water harvesting to stopping LTTE movement in TN, killing Veerappan to enforcing Law and Order in TN, to releasing Vijay’s Kavalan amidst all odds even when not in power. So, there is more chance that she will give the freebies than MK.

DMK has been plagued by the biggest of all scams this term. All members of MK family have been involved in some or other scam and capping it off is the 2G scam. This has reached the nook and corner of TN and has exposed MK like never before. With his daughter and Kalaignar TV being named and pet son Dalit A.Raja in jail because of the 2G scam, he has too much pressure at 87. There is no such problem plaguing Jayalalitha at the moment.

There is no help for MK from his pet topic of Srilankan Tamils this election. He tried to bring in the topic of prohibition but people just laughed it off. They know that the maximum revenue for DMK comes from TASMAC.

Jayalalitha has strong allies. With Vijayakanth, Left, Sarath Kumar and few others joining the Jayalalitha bandwagon, she has better scope. For DMK, Congress isn’t helping matters. With the 2G scam dancing in full glory, the Adarsh and CWG scams assisting ably, the Congress doesn’t really know whether its alleigance should/ should not lie with the DMK. PMK cant do much and other allies are just dummies.  

The entire film industry is reeling under pressure from MK’s family. Red Giant movies, Cloud Nine movies, Sun Pictures, Mohana Movies – the DMK’s tamil pattru is really showing off isnt it? Most people from the film industry would vote for AIADMK because they have been subjected to torture by the Maran Brothers, Udhayanidhi Stalin, Dhayanidhi Alagiri, et.al. SAC’s campaigning on behalf of actor Vijay for AIADMK would help add some votes too.

The general public has been affected by price rise, power cuts in suburban areas and villages and an overdose of DMK’s scams. Jayalalitha made it a point in every campaign of her’s to point these out to the people. Her campainging is one of the most aggressive ones in recent times. She started her helicopter campaign from 7 in the morning and would go on in various places until 8 in the night. She did a sort of power campainging this time, wherein she spent around 2 hours in every place she campaigned. And for the 2 hours, people dedicated to listening to her. All this was telecasted live on Jaya TV and Captain TV.

She has many disadvantages in politics – being a woman, being a Bhramin (in TN it matters), not having a family to support her, etc. She is one of the very few politicians in India who can make bold decisions. Come what may, she has been herself. And for the hour, we are in need of such people. She has withstood all this and has been a successful politician so far.

I hope that she emerges victorious this time!


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This entry was posted on May 4, 2011 by in Current Affairs.

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