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Sai Baba Part 2

Sai Baba was a man who became famous for creating objects out of thin air. He would generate Vibhuti, bring forth the atma lingams from his mouth, create lemons, watches and what not – all out of thin air. He offerred miracle cures to diseases that stumped leading doctors. He solved problems that puzzled politicians. He soothed many people’s distress. All this gave him a huge following and promoted Sai into some sort of cult. Then people started worshipping him.

Modern science stepped in. Plenty of videos on youtube show Baba pulling the objects from his hair or from inside his robes. This generated a lot of controversy. Modern science is very good except for the single fault of not accepting anything that is outside its syllabus. Modern science is a growing phenomena – has been around only for a few centuries. Mind training and realization of the supreme are things that have existed in India for more than a few millenia now. It is wrong to discard anything that doesn’t fall within the purview of modern science as useless.

Assume you have a seed, you bury it in earth, pour water, give it sunlight and fertilizers, it will grow into a plant. That much science tells you. But how does the seed know that it has to multiply? How does the seed grow up – isnt that against gravity? And how upon Merlin’s white beard does it know that one part has to become a leaf and one  part has to become the stem? Isnt it a miracle? Modern science cannot say No. So, miracles do exist and happen everyday right in front of eyes.

Creation is a concept that has long been associated with God. That explains why people said Sai Baba was God. But a look into some of our ancient texts will tell you that rishis, even kings could create. People find this very hard to believe. They categorize it as magic. I am astounded! Why, don’t two humans together create life even today? The creation that Sai Baba does is a different kind of science – yet unknown to lesser mortals.

Then there is the question of why he did not teach it to others. It could have been used to create food, people without legs could have grown them, etc. Apart from philosophical reasons, I believe the major reason for him not sharing such a thing is that the misuse that it could be put to is more dangerous than the uses that it could be put to. Imagine this knowledge in the hands of a terrorist outfit!

There are many people who deem this as cheating. His immense service to humanity is proof that he doesn’t want to cheat the people. A mother feeds her child by telling it many stories. Most of the stories are lies. That cannot be deemed as cheating. The child cannot understand the importance of food to its body. And hence it has to be lied to. All schools teach “Sun rises in the East”. Everyone knows it is a blatant lie. The sun doesn’t rise. It is realtively static with respect to the Earth. It is the Earth that revolves around the sun and rotates on its axis to cause night and day. But you have to teach children that the sun rises in the East because that is what they can see. That is not cheating.

Most people are just kids when it comes to spirituality. In order to get them into/ accept spirituality, it is important that any spiritual leader make miracles happen in front of their eyes. Miracles hold you in awe. And that awe makes you follow what that person says. If Sai Baba has started preaching without the miracles, not many people would have listened. And, not much good would have happened. This is the case with any famous leader, not just Sathya Sai Baba. In the case of Sathya Sai Baba, his teachings are good and cause good to prevail in this world. For good to prevail in this world, I feel it is ok to cheat and take blame.

Even for those who insist it is cheating, what is the harm that it has done to the world? None. What is the good that it has done to the world? Plenty. People who do bad things like robbery become heroes because they are doing good to a section of the society. Like Robinhood. Why not hail someone who does a lot of good to the world and a lot of service to the people?

I often wondered why Sai Baba went to the extent of creating objects to prove himself. I realized it off late. To give confidence to those who don’t have it, miracles must happen. The already trained mind does not need God in any form because it has the right idea of the divine. But for those who have the wrong idea, these things are required.


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This entry was posted on May 3, 2011 by in Current Affairs.

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