Hava Nagila!

Everything does pass, and we can endure and we can survive!! – Rahul Dravid

Sai Baba Part 1

I am not here to discuss whether he is God or not. My philosophy is that God is present in all of us. I am only going to recollect some of his services to humanity.

The Sai trust provides best in class healthcare by the best doctors FREE OF COST to poor people. The Speciality Medical Hospital is one of the very few in India providing services for special diseases. Over 250,000 patients have been treated there for special diseases so far. The Sathya Sai General Hospital has treated over 2 million patients so far. No where else in the world are heart surgeries performed free of cost. Medicines are provided free of cost to the poor. Recommendations do not work here. You do not get treatment because you are a minister or because you are rich. You will only get treated fast/ slow depending on the your health condition.

He introduced Free Ambulance Service before the Government did. They have a Dialysis Centre called Navajeevanam in Kerala which is absolutely FREE.

The Sathya Sai institute runs more than 100 schools in India alone educating 1000s of children a year. The Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning gives higher education to hundreds of students in a year. No one gets into Prashanthi Nilayam on recommendation. No caste rules exist there. The standard of education is good. More such educational institutions are run in 33 countries. Apart from this, there are plenty of Sai institutions that work towards improving the moral and ethical standards of people.

Sai devotees have constructed water pipelines that bring drinking water and benefit over 2 million people in more than 1000 villages across India. That is more than 4000 km of pipeline! Further, they laid more than 500 miles of pipeline and Sai Baba funded the over 200 crore project to bring water to the big city of Chennai from the Krishna river. What the government needs to do as a duty, Sai Baba did as a single person.

The Sathya Sai orphanages host thousands of children. They do not take old clothes/ food/ used material. They fund the children themselves – give them new clothes and educate them. Donations are welcome but they do not compel. If you want to donate clothes to the children, you need to give only new clothes.

There is so much more service they do that really reaches the poor and helps them lead a better life. This is just a glance. Visit the Sai Trust sites to know more.


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This entry was posted on May 3, 2011 by in Current Affairs.

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