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Endhiran Music Review – Padaippin Ucham!

3 years ago, Shankar announced that he will be doing the movie Robot with Rajnikanth. As expected, announcement came that ARR has been roped in for the music. A robot had so far been a Hollywood thing. However, Hollywood doesn’t have the ability to gel in multiple arts into one. They cannot somehow put songs into a movie. It would have been a mammoth challenge for ARR to put in beats for a robot, satisfy the music loving Indian audience, live upto his fame, keep up the tempo of Rajni fans and satisfy a world audience!!

It is impossible for anyone except the ARR – Shankar combo to think of tunes for a robot and come up with 7 songs – all elements, love included! For a difficult script, a stylish actor and a demanding director, boy it sure would have been tough. A genius though pines for such challenges. After listening to Endhiran, it feels as though the music director in him had such a yearn. When the opportunity came to create the music for the first ever sci fi film in India, he siezed it with both hands and moulded it to perfect music. He comes out at his different best! Kudos!
During the 3 years of production, ARR won a couple of Oscars, Grammys and Golden Globes. Expectations reached unrealistic levels and needless to say, ARR definitely lives up and over all such humdrum.  
Pudhiya Manidha
Creation requires knowledge and skill. That is why Saraswathi devi is Brahmadeva’s consort. Here is a scientist endowed with knowledge, skill and dream of creating a new man – an immortal, nice being. How do you compose music for this? Like our slokas haven’t done it already! But how does the new age do it? Listen to this song and you will know!

"Ehkhai vaarthu, Silicon serthu, wire ooti, uyir ooti, azhiyaadha udalodu, vadiyaadha uyirodu….." it starts off with the making of a robot. Making of a new man is sung by none other than ARR himself! Then a beautiful child’s voice goes "Maatram konduvaa, manidhanai menmai sei…." Khatija Rehman has sung it inspirationally. Then begins the wonder – "Naan kondadhu aararivu, nee kondadhu ezharivu…." SPB! Wow, the man at 60 plus has such an electrifying voice! The moment he starts singing, everyone else magically dissolves! The lyrics were simply great – "karuvil pirandha ellam marikkum, arivil pirandhadhu marippadhe illai" (That which is born out of womb has an end, that which is born of intellect has no end). Applause Vairamuthu! The song is a work of a creative genius mixed with the best of vocals. A new trend from Rehman and a new trend for Rajni films. Vairamuthu’s lyrics, ARR’s music, SPB’s rendering evoke a feeling of affinity with the robot. With a robot? Yes!

Kaadhal Anukkal
A beautiful melody – right from the time the song starts, you get to know that it is going to be wonderful. Vijay Prakash and Shreya Ghosal lend their voices to this one making it even better. A duet with sci fi lyrics and digital guitars is something that lingers in your mind like fresh mint. Typical Rehman song – not much of synthetics, plain guitar, lovable lyrics. "Azhagin motham neeya…." is due credit for Aiswarya Rai. "Aaayiram viN meen thirattiya punnagaya…." feels very special. After all these years of having described ladies, they can still find new ways to do it! Vintage Vairamuthu!

Boom Boom Robo Da
In a nutshell, this song is a combination of rap, new digital tunes and Shweta Mohan’s (Sujatha’s daughter) lively voice. Who rapped? Blaaze? Well, no, this time it is Yogi B. A delightful present generation, stylish rapper. A song about Chitti, the Robot. Interesting lyrics. "Pechu undu, moochu illai, vaay undu, vayiru illai…." describe the new man. Who else? Dr.Madhan Karky Vairamuthu – Assistant Professor, Anna University. 🙂 "Thavamindri varangal tharuvadhanaal minsaara kannano….", "Solvadhellam ketuvidum kaadhalan idhu pol amayaadho…." are rendered with delight. Guitar interludes in this song make it crisp and keep it clear of unnecessary sentiments.

A different kind of tribal song that gives more importance to voice and less to instruments! ARR! Interesting lyrics by Pa.Vijay and Chinamyee’s glamorous voice are superb advantages for this song. But the show stealer is the exuberant voice of Javed Ali. This guy has a freshness akin to that of the guy who sang "Usilampatti pen kutti…." in Gentleman. Great African tunes, different from Raavanan, brilliant orchestration all make it a fantastic foot tapping number. Aha, Aha! The song will stay on as a Rehman favourite for years!

Arima Arima
The highlights of this song are the lyrics and vintageness.

"Adi kachai kaniye pandhi nadathu kattil ilai pottu…." Trademark Vairamuthu! "Kaamutra kanini naan…." is new. "Sittrinba narambu, semitha irumbil, sattendru moham pongitre…." is for sure elavating. "Raatchasan vendaam, rasigan vendum…." is just wow! 

No synthetic beats, just drums and trumpets! The song gives the singers’ voice the right elevation and scope. Typical ARR!

Hariharan’s voice modulation is spell binding. He introduces his gamakams in the right place and puts a Hariharan stamp on the song despite a lot of other biggies involved. Copyright Hariharan!

"Ivan perai sonnadhum perumai sonnadhum kadalum kadalum kai thattum"…. Brand Rajni! Well deserved praise!

Oh, and Arima means Lion. In which language? Tamil, ofcourse! 🙂 By far, my favourite song in this movie!

Irumbile Oru Irudhayam
It is a Yours digitally kind of song – A song that speaks about a robot’s first love, it surely needs to be digital and super techno! Who else to deliver and render it? A mind blowingly techno number, the steely voice of ARR is apt for this song. Kash and Krissy – the beautifully talented ladies from Hollywood learnt Tamil and have sung part of the song. The rap fits the tune very well and so does their voice. Dr.Madhan Karky Vairamuthu deserves a pat on the back for composing techno lyrics. "Google gal kaaNaadha thedalgal kannodu…." "Memoryil kumariyai thani chairai pidithen…." "Poojiyam ondrodu, poovaasam indrodu…." are too good for description. It is a song that you want to put on Repeat on your ipod and keep listening. Robotic, Hypnotic, Supersonic!! 
Chitti Dance Showcase
Persussion Special! Pinni pedal eduthurukaar Rehman! (I cannot put that in English. :)) This one has everything from drum beats to kunnakol. I assume it will be for a robot dance of some kind. Leaves me to imagine how Shankar would have picturized it.

ARR has been one hell of a trend breaker! For one, he proved that a music director could be seen without a harmonium. For another, he showed that one needn’t go "Thana na Thaa na…." all the time to prove one’s musical capacity. One can keep quiet and still be musical. In Endhiran too, he has thrown in a variety of experiements and a plethora of digitized tunes shattering the image of the ARR that was and visualizing the ARR to be. He and Indian cinema are in that exquisite global space, having set foot in it, still in childhood. And Endhiran is that springboard which will pivot them to the next stage. Now awaiting the movie!


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