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Raavanan Music – Kalai Solli Thareero….

From the day the grapevine spread news of another Mani Ratnam movie, I began my anxious wait – not for the movie but for its songs. I knew they would be canned by ARR. I normally immediately take a liking to any ARR song. Three guesses why! 🙂
But in the case of Raavanan, I didn’t have a great first impression. Rather I felt the music was lousy. I was disappointed and returned to my worldly tasks. But then I bought my ipod speakers and the release date of Raavanan was nearing. And one night, I played the album. And it has stuck to me since then. The powerful lyrics from Vairamuthu’s pen hit me with all their might and all of a sudden, I started feeling that ARR has raised his already high standards. How did I miss this when I heard it the first time? I cursed myself and listened to the songs again.
I love the "Usure Poguthey…." song. It begins slowly and changes beat in the beginning of the song itself. ARR usually changes beat only towards the end of a song but the piano that changed it here is just too powerful. Karthik adds his self to the song. He has rendered it with all the lusty love that he can muster. By my analysis, the best of this album.
Female solos that express plain love is a rarity of sorts in Tamil cinema. "Kalvare…." is a masterpiece in that genre. It is a great melody rendered flawlessly and with ease by Shreya Ghosal. It elevates the listener’s mind and makes one enjoy it no matter what mood the person may be in. Vairamuthu’s lyrics need a special mention in this song as in all the other songs of Raavanan. "Kan kondu paareero, kalai solli thareero…." speaks the language of husband – wife love and the yearning that women have – to be the sole winner of her husband’s affections. The song is sure to fill many of those "lovers together" moments.
"Keda Keda Kari…." song is a vivacious number. It is my favourite from this album. The song has powerful beats and is amazingly rhythmic. Rehana’s and Tanvi’s argument kind of singing are a source of enjoyment. Again the lyricist should get all the laurels. It celebrates a wedding and the union of two families. ARR’s choice of instruments is a source of delight. He has used some kind of wind instrument which blows soul into the song. The chorus is a great value add.  
"Kaatu Chirukki…." brings Shankar Mahadevan back to tamil cinema. The guy is a gift to music. Where was he all this while? His aalaaps are new and have something different in them. The music of this song is simple and brings the singers to the fore. Somehow, ARR knew that Anuradha Sriram is the best fit for this song. The lady has that rare ability to do vibratos on a high scale. Together, Shankar and Anuradha rock! When Shankar Mahadevan goes "Maayamaai povaalo….", I just lose myself. "Thandai aninjava…." lines are rendered so beautifully and differently by both these singers. If the slow version of the song was placed in the album, it would have overtaken everything else. It oozed unadulterated lust on screen. ARR genius!  
"Kodu Pota…." is a fast paced filmy number that has many of those typical ARR things in it – change of beat in the end, a pause between certain words which only he knows how to do, singer’s change in voice, rhythmic "Hey" interludes, force, beat and sync music. It is a lively number to listen to and the change in depth of Benny’s voice is a pleasure to hear.
"Veera Veera…." is the title track. Again that wind istrument blew me out. The Tirunelveli accent of the song is a welcome thing and has that characteristic ARR "finish when you dont expect it to finish" touch. Lively number again.
All the songs of Raavanan have an aura around them that make me to listen to them repeatedly in a day, day after day. The songs never leave me even after I switch them off. Surely, that is what every music director wants! In Raavanan, ARR has raised the impact that his music has on people. It seems to teach the art of blending new instruments, singers and story into music thereby generating happiness.
No matter how good an album he produces, we just want better from ARR. Waiting now for Endhiran!

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