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Everything does pass, and we can endure and we can survive!! – Rahul Dravid

No… I wont go to school

Leaving home is the most difficult thing to do, but it is also the most done thing by everyone.
It starts right from the time children start to school. They cry – I dont want to go, they throw tantrums. They are convinced, cajoled, coaxed, a bit scolded as well and they are forced to go to school for their own good. The first day in school is bad, everyone longs to go home. Then comes the first week, when life lasting friendships are made. All children invariably overcome the hurdles and get used to the surroundings of the school and start enjoying it. Over a period of time, school becomes a second home. Just to be with friends in school, going back home and then metting friends again the next morning is quite a fun life. No resposibilities, no worries, no concerns, just study and have fun. Thats school life. When leaving school again, everyone cries, for people long to see the familiar faces, people want to feel the familiar surroundings.
The comes college life, where all of us learn the lessons of life and love. No one throws tantrums, simplay because they cant. But the mind cries again. It says I dont want to go to college, I dont want to leave home. The first week at college is again bad. The first weekend tickets are all booked for home. Friendship again makes one forget school and helps one get adjusted to the new surroundings. The exuberance of youth – college life and its masti and color are quite an experience. Youth matures into adulthood as one leaves college. The pangs pf separation are felt more when we leave college than any before. Because the adult mind feels more than children.
The next stage in life is to go to work – mostly in the same country. Work brings with responsibilities. And this causes moe worry. In this stage, the heart wrenches when we leave home for work. It is bad beause you cant cry out loud. If you do, you will be laughed at. No great frinedships are usually made at wor. But there comes a feeling of comaraderie in the work place. This helps smoothen out life. Makes one forget the pangs pf separation once again and helps one shoulder responsibilities. Deepavali, Pongal and other festivals are a time when all tickets are booked and people rush home to fulfill the pines of meeting their loved ones. People get used to a routine.
If not through work, then for higher studies, more people are seen leaving the country for some time. This separates a person from home for quite some time with no way to come back for a minimum of six months. When I came to London 4 days ago, I felt separation like anything. But onsite doesnt give any comraderie unless our friends are already here. There is no helo except ones own mind to forget the separation. The scent of the new place bothers you. The feeling of I dont want to be here is more prevelant for the first few days. The first 2 days are hell. Then, I had to force myself to concentrate on other things just to make sure the purpose of coming to wor onsite is fulfilled. No matter how hard clients try, they dont make our country men. They dont make our friends. The atmosphere is not genuine and the smiles look artificial. Everyone has to overcome a struggle for peace of mind.
I had come to London with a whole load of worries – leaving my mother in Chennai alone, how to manage my stay alone, safety, security, etc. Its the fourth day here for me. I still have all the feelings of missing home. But consciously, I am trying to keep myself busy and consciously I try to adjust my mind to the feel of the new surroundings. And of course, I have work to keep me busy. But at all stages of life hence forth a conscious diversion of mind is needed to forget separation and concentrate on work. Not like school and college, where unconsciously the mind gets adjusted.
London, I have never been to anywhere other than my office and home because I am not feeling so well over my first weekend. I have lots of time, so I just thought I would pen down my random thoughts. No place is as great as home and no country is as great as one’s motherland. Indian society did its but to keep people in there. It was done intelligently. Agriculture was the way of life. No one could leave their soil, their fields, their home. People never had so much money, but there was joy and fulfillment of being with one’s own, being with loved ones. Encouraging thoughts of forming such a society now is futile. However, sincere and conscious efforts must be made to have contentment and be with ones own atleast at some point in life. The feelings of the heart must be taken to account when making a decison. These are lessons I learnt the hard way in life. I will apply them all through my life just to make it happy.
I know that 6 months will not be over until the sun goes up and down 180 times, until the earth finishes a half revolution around the sun, until the seasons change twice. But the pining and longing in my heart wants it to be done faster. 🙂

One comment on “No… I wont go to school

  1. Shyam
    September 30, 2008

    "Because the adult mind feels more than children. " should be the other way round actually…….. logically………
    but this is also on thing that defies human logic.

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