Hava Nagila!

Everything does pass, and we can endure and we can survive!! – Rahul Dravid


I was in the beach one day with my friend when someone walked by doing what most people do – complaining. He was a young guy cribbing about how his exams went bad. "FATE!", he said for which his friend replied "Thala ezhuthu. Saami potta kanakku nethi mela irukku. Adha onnum panna mudiyaadhu". I hear this dialogue once too often in too many places. My ideas on FATE are somewhat different. I dont think fate is responsible for anything that happens to me. I think I am responsible for it. I think I am the one that chooses my fate.
Most people think GOD = FATE. I believe FATE = FREE WILL. This is mostly because I surrendred to God and not to Fate. Confusing? It might be. Just think for some time. Do you think God would like to take revenge on you? Do you think God will be partial? Why should God not like you? If you really believed in God, then you wouldnt think this. The concept of God is here in the world so that people would do good. I believe that for whatever sins a person has committed, he has to suffer. For whatever good you did, you will reap rewards. Justice is done for everyone. I believe in the concept of Janma. My freewill in my first janma determined what I was in my second. The actions that I did then are the ones responsible for my success or failure today. What I do today will determine my success or failure tomorrow. So, my life is in my hands. It is in my attitude. It is forever mine and not anyone else’s. 
Some people ask "Do we not see good people sufferring while the bad doers have a cool life?" I dont see bad guys having a nice time. I see them suffering only. It is my mind that determines suffering or happiness. If you consider whats happening to you as suffering, it will be. If you search for happiness and good in what has happened, you are sure to find it. How is it that some people can be happy come what may and some people cannot be come what may? Doesnt this prove that happiness is inside your head?
I studied hard and wrote GRE exam a few years ago. I got low marks. I was dejected and unhappy. I complained about fate immediately. On second thought, how stupid I was. The marks were relative and wouldnt there have been people who studied better than me? Why did I not think of that? By studying for the exam did I not gain a lot of knowledge? I realized that my vocabulary and analytical skills were far better than most others. This thought made me happy. And since I got this thought I have taken full reponsibilty for my actions. I havent complained about failure and have searched for my own faults. I have come to know myself far better than before and I have realized the importance of attitude. It gives me pleasure to know that it is that period of study which is helping me earn my daily bread now – vocabulary and analysis. 
Many people I see and hear about think that they are the ones who are most troubled in the world. They seem to think that everyone other than themselves are happy. They think that FATE is being too bad to them. I am not one with this attitude. Everyone has their own troubles, has their own problems. It would be better to accept the facts, put their troubles behind and work on the negatives and pursue happiness all through their lives. I am saying "pursue" happiness (like Jefferson said in the Declaration Of Independence and Will Smith reiterated in his movie) because I have believe happiness is a state of mind, more so it is an attitude. Attitude is so important that I think children must be taught A for Attitude in school. It would do more godo than apples. Your attitude depends upon the capacity of your mind and your thoughts more than anything external. People who cannot take responsibilty for their actions and people who blame their failures to anything or anyone other their attitudes and themselves havent known to succeed.

Sheer acceptance of anything other than fact is not going to help anyone. I feel the guy on the beach surrendered to fate because thats about the easiest way of shirking responsibilty, because he wanted to create sympathy and he did not want to work hard. He did not have the zeal in him to succeed. Previously even I was like him. But deeper thoughts shook me up. I always hated sympathy and sweared to myself that I will not surrender anymore. It takes a lot to come out of the old groove, tune yourself and fit into a new one. Those who can do this can set new standards for success. Those who cant, cannot even near success.
There are some who read parts of Holy books and say that you are here in this world only to do your duty and not to expect the fruits of it. I dont think that is true. I think you have every right to expect fruits for work. Only you should have the belief that you will get it, shouldnt get dettered by failure and have the enthusiasm and belief in you to keep trying. I have not heard of anyone who has a good attitude, tried a lot and not succeeded. If you surrender to God and give a good fight in life to get what you want, you will always get it. Some people say that getting to now who you are is the biggest deal in life and all that. And then they talk about Atma, Body, Mind and all such things. Doing my work gives me more satisfaction than sitting and talking to my soul and thinking about who I am. I may be whatever, but so long as I am doing my job properly and being good, who cares? I think this is enough for this life and after this.
You are the one that chooses your destiny. You are the one responsible for your Thalai Ezhuthu. Choose it properly. Write it properly.

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This entry was posted on July 20, 2007 by in Thoughts.

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