Hava Nagila!

Everything does pass, and we can endure and we can survive!! – Rahul Dravid

My Taste Buds

Variety may be the spice of life, but spice is the only variety that appeals to me most, atleast when it comes to food. 🙂
I love all vegetarian food. 🙂 I have eaten everywhere from Kai Endhi Bhavans to Five Star Hotels, from Messes to Kitchens to Pandhis to Buffets. From that wide variety, I have filtered here what I relish most.
My favorite is always Indian Vegetarian Cuisine. I enjoy really spicy food. Tears must come from my eyes and the top of my head should become hot. Thats the kind of food I like. Not that I dont like sweets, but they are a second choice.
My all time favorite dishes are two:
1. Crisp Dosa + My Mom’s Vendakka Sambar 🙂
2. Chappati + Gobi In Any Spicy Form
I love cauliflowers in any given form. I love the spicy type of cauliflower vegetables that my mom makes and the cauliflower masala that she makes with or without paneer. Anything takes second place to cauliflowers. I personally think God was in a very good mood when he created cauliflowers. 🙂
I loke dosas of all south indian dishes along with sambar and the red color onion/ tomato chutney they give in hotels. I love Bread Upma and vegetable cutlets. 🙂 I have a very special liking for Peas masala in the North Indian cuisine apart from cauliflowers. I really like it when the peas are fresh. I like spicy carrot salad. In Chat, I like Pav Bhaji that they make in Anand Bhavan. Its simply too tasty. I like Kurkure and tea combination. I like really creamy tomato soups. In a marriage, I always find the rasam very nice. I love having very little rice and loads of spicy rasam on the leaf. Its just so wonderful if you know how to eat. In snacks, I like Murukku (Kai murukku) and onion bakodas. I love all kinds of pickles, especially the Maavadoos, molagaa maangai and aavakkaa maangaai. I like Naarthangaai and Pulippu Elimichangaai also. Curd rice eaten with arakkeerai (the kind my grand mother makes without using the mixie) and vatha kozhambu along with a bit of any pickle is heavenly. I love spicy lassi. I like spicy fried rice with really thick raitha. Other than this, I like stuffed paratha and chola poori.
In the sweet variety, I love chocolates in any form – cakes, ice creams, bars, shakes, hot, cold, just about any form. I really like butter cakes also. In Indian sweets, I like hot Bholi (the ones that you get in Kerala), Carrot Halwa, Tirunelveli Halwa, Theratippal and Gulab Jamuns (Hot or Cold, preferably hot). I am not a fruit lover but I like Panjaamritham. I like mangoes, bananas, jack fruit, grapes and oranges. In shakes, I like banana and mango shake. I like hot coffee but I dont drink it hot.. 🙂 In juices, my favorite is lemon juice and Sprite.
I am a Gobi Manchurian Maniac. Thats the only thing I like in Chinese. I dont have favorites in Continental. In Thai Cuisine, I like the spiced cheese balls that they give in the restaurants. In Italian, I like the spicy pizzas. When I was in Saudi, I really involved myself in Khubs and Sambar. 🙂 Nice combi it used to be.
I prefer to sit and eat, I prefer relishing food to gobbling it up. I enjoy what I eat, never waste and always I am satisified after a meal.

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This entry was posted on July 2, 2007 by in Food and drink.

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