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Sivaji – A Neutral Review – A cut above the rest, International, Technically Sound

Honestly, I believe that any person who is sane will watch the movie whenever he gets an opportunity after watching it for the first time.
Even if you hate Rajni, think that such stories cant happen and you dont believe in style… you still have a lot to watch in this movie. Sivaji has many firsts in the world to its credit. It is the first movie in the world to use CGI for face toning, the first movie in the world to have highest number of prints (2900), first movie in India to be dubbed in Chinese, most expensive Indian movie to become a hit, first Indian movie to use Super 35 mm format, first movie in the world to have a song shot in the middle of a glass building.
Reason 1: Technology: The first time you see the movie, you dont get enough time to appreciate the technology and efforts gone into production. Be it the CGI in "Oru Kudai Sunlight" song (the first in the world), the graphics of "Athiradee" song or the efforts that have gone into actionizing the stunts, the first time you see, you can only simply gape (wonderstruck), the next time you can have time to appreciate.  
Reason 2: Sets: Thota Tharani deserves all the awards that he has till date. The sets he has created made it almost impossible to believe they werent reality. The sets are grand, beautiful and breathtaking. The last time I saw such good sets was in Titanic. Elegant and cool they were. As good as any Hollywood sets, even more beautiful. Everything from Shriya’s home to the street in which the homes are, the theatre, everything is sets. Could you recognize Spencer III phase? Could you recognize Binny Mills or you thought it was Venice? If you couldnt, watch it again… 🙂 Where was all his talent hiding until now?
Reason 3: Digital Photography: K V Anand has used all his talent to the fore. Sahana song deserves all the accolades possible. Photography with so much glass reflection and glare is simply something that photographers have believed impossible till date (this song is the first time in the world someone has done such a thing). Well, with Shankar the impossible becomes possible.
Reason 4: Message: Shankar’s movies always deal with impossible concepts as a man becoming CM for a day, a lone man’s battle against a corrupt Educational System, twins everywhere or an ordinary man becoming a split personality. Sivaji deals with bringing out a country’s Black Money and using it for the welfare of the people. In one line, it is the story of Robinhood. Such stories have been appeciated through the times, from Ramayana days to Robinhood times, till date. Ofcourse, achieveing Utopia is only possible in cinema. But great thinking. This concept has never been brought out in any cinema industry before. Yet another great off Shankar’s shelf.
Reason 5: AR Rehman: The BGM score is simply pulsating. Be it the score when we get to see Suman for the first time or the mottai Rajni music, AR Rehman simply rocks. The interval BGM track was simply fabulous!
If you cant enjoy a movie that has so much to offer, either you are biased or your brains rotting, worse you are getting old dude! 🙂 You are only fit to sit in front of your machine and code or watch serials.

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This entry was posted on June 25, 2007 by in Movie Reviews.

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