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Everything does pass, and we can endure and we can survive!! – Rahul Dravid

Dairy Milk

Mmmmmmmm!!Cadbury! Bless him! He invented the best chocolate to date according to me. When I was young, Dairy Milk and 5 star were the only big chocolates that we knew. Other than that only the eclair and nutrine varieties existed. Today we have an assorted variety of chocolates from all parts of the world on sale. Even the dairy milk has released some crackle, fruit and nut and a couple more versions. Yet, nothing has reached the great taste of the plain Dairy Milk bar.
I hold the chocolate in my hand and bite a part of it. The bitten part melts and makes me close my eyes, forget a lot of things in the world and the taste takes me to a great state of mind. Meanwhile, the other part in my hand invites me to bite more. But very soon, it is over. All I am left with is the taste in my mouth. Very often, after a dairy milk, I dont eat anything else because I want that taste to linger.
Chocolate has always been my fascination. I would dream of working in a chocolate factory when I was small. Whenever anybody wanted anything, all they needed to give me was a big bar of chocolate and I would be their dear friend.
Eating a dairy milk is quite an art. Eating it from the fridge is something that is to be done if you dont have time. If you have a taste for hard, cold chocolate, put it in the deep freeze for a day and then give some work to ur teeth. Another way is a cold choclate drink. Break up the dairy milk, add some milk (very small qty.) and run it thru the blender. You wil get the best cold chocolate in the world. Put this in the fridge for a few hours and then drink. It will feel like heaven.
The next way is to drink as hot chocolate. Dont heat the bar. Just, add hot milk and milk it up. Here, I prefer the use of a blender rather than mixie. It keeps the whiff fresh. 🙂 A mug full of this is anideal companion on a rainy, cold day. Dont make the mistake of trying out Hot Chocolate in shops. They give only Boost. U can even cake these and eat them… it tastes good. If you are the kind that likes nuts and stuff, you could add them after melting and freeze for sometime before eating. Very rich that one!!
Next is my favorite way of eating the Dairy Milk bar. Keep it out of the fridge for sometime and wait until it sticks to ur hand when you touch it. I like it really paste like. Just put your forefinger on teh chocolate paste and drag a bit. Now pull. Licking it feels delicious!! If you dont wanna lick, you could use a spoon. Real good…. my mouth waters when I think of it.
Now a days, we get these Amitabh ads. Previously, we used to Cyrus Broacha singing the jingle finishing with "Kya Swaad hai zindagee mein" or "Enna vishyame vaazhvinile; enna viseshame vaazhvinile". The ad with the girls trying to unfold the national flag by standing atop one another was great as well. Then there used to be a girl whose hands were tied at the back, she would kneel and had to open a pack of dairy milk with her mouth. We had the audacity to try that when we were in school with the result that all our faces would be smeared with the chocolate. But we enjoyed it nevertheless.
These days, in office, whenever I think I have done something worthwhile, I treat myself to this wonder. I am always in the quest of finding out newer ways to enjoy a dairy milk.

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This entry was posted on May 28, 2007 by in Food and drink.

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