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Rajini – Why is he great? and Why I like him….

Rajinikanth… any tamilian knows his name… most other indians do as well, most japanese, french, americans and south africans know him too… 🙂
who is he? … he is a cine actor… is that it? … well.. no.. for tamil people, he is a larger than life figure.. some one whose words people believe and some one whose words carry a lot of impact and weight… why the hell is he so famous?… i think there are greater reasons for his fame than cinema….
i recently read Shakespeare’s Julius Ceaser… and there is a part in it where the great author describes Ceaser. The emperor, Ceaser’s father dies and as expected there was chaos in the country on hearing the news… people had gathered outside the palace and there was great commotion… all the officers of power tried to put an end to it but failed… they tried many ways, but couldnt restore peace… the emperor’s son, Ceaser came to the balcony and raised his hand and said a word (only one word).. no body knows what that word is.. not even Shakespeare.. but the impact of the word is described as being fast as lightining and powerful as thunder… and believe it or not… the people went quiet… the commotion stopped, the people dispersed and peace was regained… such is the impact of words from great people… such is the charisma of some… what all esteemed, trained officers could not achieve by doing different things and doing things differently, Ceaser acheived because of his personality and image… because of the goodness of his heart and style…
Rajini’s case is no different… there are many actors in the film fraternity throughout the world trying to do different things, trying things differently, putting all skills to the fore, rarely very few such achieve the status of the charismatic… people believe rajini’s words, people respect his words… more probably than other living person today… why do people do this? … is everyone mad? or brain washed? … i dont think so…. people believe him because he says what he does and does what he says…
i dont think there is another actor who can say "I will bounce back in style… naan yaanai illa kudhirai" and do it….. not even amitabh… when amitabh lost all his wealth recently and he was a debtor.. he dint say a thing like this public… may he had that sort of an intention inside him… saying that i will surely bounce back in public takes guts.. very few have it….
everybody hails his helping nature… but the greatness of his helping nature lies in the fact that he doesnt make it all public.. there are no fotos showing him hand out things to others… something that most other artists feel is a must… there is a saying in tamil "dhaanathil sirandhadhu gupta dhaanam".. meaning "giving anonymously is the best form of giving"… he does that and never makes a big issue of it… he doesnt come out in the public and say that i have done this, i have done that.. others say that abt him… many people argue to this saying he came out in public and held a celebration when he gave away much of his property… i refute that argument.. he came out in public and he also explained why he did that.. he said that if i keep this a secret, i can change it at any time, i might perhaps decide notto give anything at all.. but if i make t public, then myword is at stake.. and there is very lil chance that i ll take it back…" … which film personality has done this before? anyone else did it after him?… No
baba flopped.. what did he do?… he gave to all the people the money that they invested… including the distributors… which other film personality has done this? will anyone ever do it? i dont think so….
abt his cinema… most people say he does stereotyped roles, he acts with girls that are his daughter’s age… he cant act.. acc to me, an actor is some one who can entertain people, someone who can make them forget their worries for the time that they see him, someone who can give the people what they want, someone who can bring profits to the producer who believed in him… rajini can do all this… so what if he does sterotyped roles??? .. thats what people want outa him…. he has to do it… if u wanna see rajini perform differently, u must see his early days films, he has done character roles and villain roles and i felt the acting was as neat as the film and the character required. every heroine wants to act with him… so why shouldnt he act with them? …
he is a nice person.. he may have done lots of bad things in th epast.. everyone makes mistakes… but the great person always realizes it, apologizes if he has hurt anyone, changes himself… many of us cant do it… he has done it… that in itself is great….
some people try to give different things in every movie, some people act in all languages known, some people try learn multiple skills, some people handle multiple responsibilities… all in a bid to achieve fame… he doesnt have to do any of this… he just has to be part of the movie, he just has to do his regular styles… and fame comes to him.. THATS GREATNESS… he doesnt run behind it, it comes to him…  
his greatness lies in the fact that he doesnt bug others, he doesnt trouble anyone or put others in a loss situation, he cares, he is simple, he is stylish, he is helping, he gives, he doesnt give anything vulgar in his movies, he delivers what he promises… naturally, people look up to him… anything wrong?
i reason he could have made a great leader too… but he has not involved himself much with it… instead of learning only his style from him, it would be better if all of us learnt a bit of his character too…. it would really help…

2 comments on “Rajini – Why is he great? and Why I like him….

  1. Ramakrishna
    May 7, 2007

    Rajni rules!

  2. mdramanimd
    May 15, 2007

    read about  your gradual introduction to soft ware and your love for music and films  nice, the everyday story of indian youth, cascaded without frills. why don\’t you write on travels.  it is first hand, real exploration of mind and body, ego-free and self effacing. you will like it and others too woudl enjoy it,  i came to know of it when i started it .
    ramani venkitsubra…… name is long

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