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Mozhi – My Review – Average

"Mozhi" is apparently Jyotika’s last movie, Prakash Raj’s production… thats what made me go to it… i expected what ppl expect out of a Duet Movies product and my experience was not really great…
"Its very easy to criticize", this is what someone told me when i mentioned that i dint like something abt Mozhi. I agree that it is very easy to citicize. But I also belive that it takes guts to say something is bad when everyone else is all praise for it… Unfortunately, I have not been one of the ordinary viewers of a movie… I am a fierce critic.. and I honestly felt Mozhi could have been taken in a better way…
The concept was glorious….  a dumb girl learning to appreciate sound…. this was aptly brought out by the love between Jo and Prithvi… Award Winning material…. i am not talking normal this and that award, i was talking abt National Award kind of stuff… the director who could think thus far couldnt go beyond this thot… thats where Mozhi lost out….
The opening was again very good… something different from the ordinary stupid stuff that we normally get to see… someone  told RadhaMohan that Well Begun is Half Done. I think they forgot to tell him that Well Completed is Full Done. The first half was supposed to be comedy.. to me it was mokkai… and i did not expect to see such mokkai in a Duet Movies product… the comedy is very stale and old… i was tempted to use dead and decayed… 🙂 MS Baskar is the only life in an otherwise lifeless comedy….but they managed to take me thru the first half by bringing Jo into the movie time and again… in the first song itself Prakash Raj has tried to do something that doesnt suit him… DANCE… it was bad.. honestly.. There was no scope for performance for him… then why the hell did he act?.. because he produced it?…
Bhramhanandam has been grossly used for a ridiculous comedy sequence… i did not feel the part where he goes into Prakash Raj’s home and sees him as funny… i felt it was very SICK.. for a moment i was wondering if Kamal had any role to play in the comedy sequence….
Prithvi’s acting is very ordinary… but he escapes on the fact that no one expects anything great from him… he is just supposed to be there…. just because a movie needs a hero…
the ability to use an aritist to the full lies completely in the hands of the director…. something that RadhaMohan lacks… Mozhi is severe under utilization of Jo and her prodigious talent… the scene where she was supposed to cry out loud.. for crying out loud, it was too short to give any effect on the audience… Jo could have done this role to a National Award Winning calibre under a good director…
the sudden love affair between Prakash Raj and Swarnamalya is a waste of time… the part of the bulb and the bell was good in the beginning but carrying it all thru the movie was taking it too far… the character of the other girl in the flat was unwanted… her role was a useless bit… poor thing she acts well in serials i have heard… but that girl again shows the fallacy of the director… the hero can understand the feelings of a challenged girl, he will make all efforts but he wouldnt care to understand the feelings of a girl who attempts to get to know him better…. he wont even show her the courtesy of talking to her properly even once …. isnt it ironic???
So… do we watch Mozhi?… yes, we do.. Why? .. Because of the following reasons…..
1. Jo – She is a show stealer.. I have never been a great fan of Jo…. but she proved me wrong.. she has performed well under a not so great director… thats a miracle in its own right… She is the life of the movie, she has given it a lot of meaning… the subtle expressions when she observes the musical patterns is commendable. The part where she bullies a guy hitting his wife, the part where she gets angry with prithvi for not accepting her as she is, the part where she feels music and follows it even after Prithvi stops directing and every single scene where she comes in makes the movie.. she is simply great…. Jo doesnt speak a word (thats obvious) but she made me speak volumes of her performance and character…. such is great acting material…
[her performance was akin to that of Vikram’s in Pithamagan… but Vikram had Bala directing him… something that Jo did not have….]
watch the movie for Jo, watch it for her subtle show of emotions, for her casual acting, for her great performance…
2. MS Bhaskar – this guy deserves better roles than what he is presently offerred… he performs his role to perfection… it is difficult to play a Schizophrenic… he does it aptly….. watch the movie for him
3. The dialogues in the scene where Prakash Raj asks Jo what is musc to her and Jo’s reply… ultimate dialogues…. ofcourse the comedy that preceeds the scene is mokkai
4. The concept – The movie holds a great concept… the fact that nothing is beyond the reach of anyone… the concept that we r not limited by our surroundings or by the handicaps (if i may be allowed to say so).. instead we r limited by our own minds.. the essence of the tata safari ad… when did u realize that the only one stopping u, is u? .. no one has in recent times dared to come out with such a concept… it is simply superb… watch the movie for the beauty of the concept
the song "Kaatrin Mozhi" is plausible… well taken and great directorial bit… in fact the other songs are good as well.. of course its vairamuthu’s lyrics…. they are gentle and give the right feel to the movie…
Overall, Jo signs off in style, yet another cute concept off the Duet Movies shelf….. worth watching once…

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