Hava Nagila!

Everything does pass, and we can endure and we can survive!! – Rahul Dravid

Hitesvara 2007 – Shankar Mahadevan and Sivamani

There are some days when you are left thinking "What have I been doing with my life all these years?" Feb 24, 2007 was one such day. Not that we, Software Engineers, dont think this thought evry day but today the thoughts are running very deep.
Senthil forwarded me a mail a week ago saying that there was a concert by ShaktiFoundation. I had missed their last concert in Chennai due to work but this time, I made up my mind that  was not be. I would attend – SOMEHOW!
I was seated in the first rowof the balcony and was wondering why we got seats in such a bad angle. My mother remided me that we were here to listen and this would be enough.
Well… the concert began.. a lil late.. after some speeches… and from then on it was soul filling…
It began with a vocal invocation number by Shankar Mahadevan. That guy has a magical, rolling voice! High or low, fast or slow, he just ha syour hand tappping on the chair! Whether it is swara that he sings or jathi orlyrics, he reaches out to even those who do not care for classical music. His voice and his size have this in common – they are GREAT. He would probably have felt smaller (in deed) sitting amidst three child prodigies but the fact that he was there and rendering music spoke volumes of his talent and guts! It would have taken him great courage to challenge the two greats sitting next to him to a sort fo competition there on stage. But he did. I also really admired the way he differentiated himself from his cine music.
The one piece I enjoyed most was Sivamani’s solo. He mixed up the classical and latest very well. He had his regular Biriyani kadai around him. "I closed my eyes to his solo and visions of Siva Thandavam came." – This is what my mother told me on the way home. he fused the udukkai and drums too well. It was like magic when he performed a range of drum beats – western classical, indian classical, thavil, mridangam, african classical, thandavam notes, kaavadi notes and the dappanguthu. I couldnt help admire his hand – eye – mind coordination during his performance. He is one human being with a lot of humility. He is one man whose out ward appearance belies his character. If I didnt know Sivamani and I see him for the first time, I would definitely think he is a rouge. His piece was the most entertaining of all.

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This entry was posted on March 17, 2007 by in Music.


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